Jan 6, 2017

Book Beginning: The Waters of Eternal Youth by Donna Leon

The Waters of Eternal Youth, a novel by Donna Leon, March 8, 2016.
Genre: mystery set in Venice
Source: library
Book beginning:

He had always hated formal dinners, and he hated being at this one. It made no difference to Brunetti that he knew some of the people at the long table, nor was his irritation lessened by the fact that the dinner was being held at the home of his parents-in-law, and because of that, in one of the most beautiful palazzi in the city. He had been dragooned into coming by his wife and his mother-in-law, who had claimed that his position in the city would add lustre to the evening.

Page 56:

....'There's a man who keeps asking Chiara and some of her friends for money. Over near her school. She says he's very insistent.'

Memes: The Friday 56. Grab a book, turn to page 56 or 56% of your eReader. Find any sentence that grabs you. Post it, and add your URL post in Linky at Freda's Voice. Also visit Book Beginning at Rose City Reader.


fredamans said...

You have my attention! Happy weekend!
(I added you to the Linky.)

Unknown said...

Got my attention too. I wonder who the man is and why he approaches them for money.

My Friday 56 from 77 Shadow Street

Lauren Stoolfire said...

I bet this would be really popular at my library! :)

Lauren @ Always Me

Suko said...

Excellent beginning to this mystery and "56", Harvee! I hope you will enjoy this book.

BlackCloud Dodge Clutches said...

This may be my favorite Brunetti! Donna Leon always weaves a fine tapestry of place, mystery and character. Always with the emphasis on the the latter bringing us along a gentle path toward discovering that deep emphatic part of ourselves and so engages us in the prime characters of Brunetti, Paola and now Griffoni.

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