Jan 11, 2017

First Chapter: Find Her by LIsa Gardner

Find Her,  novel by Lisa Gardner, February 9, 2016
Genre: thriller
Source: library
First chapter:
These are the things I didn't know.
When you first wake up in a dark wooden box, you'll tell yourself this isn't happening. You will push against the lid, of course. No surprise there. You'll beat at the sides with your fists, pummel your heels against the bottom. You'll bang your head again and again, even though it hurts. And you'll scream. Snot will run down your nose. Tears will rain from your eyes....

It's hard to read the rest....and you will wonder if you want to read the book!
What do you think? Would you read on?

Every Tuesday Bibliophile by the Sea hosts First Chapter First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros sharing the first paragraph or two, from a book you are reading or will be reading soon.


  1. Oh, yes, Find Her was definitely a scary book for me...I don't like being in tight spaces, so that box would not do. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing...and enjoy!

  2. What an opening! I hope she escapes.

  3. Liked this one a lot; thanks for joining us this week.


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