Apr 25, 2017

Mangrove Lightning by Randy Wayne White: First Chapter

Mangrove Lightning by Randy Wayne Wright, Doc Ford Mystery #24, March 21, 2017, Putnam Sons
The ghosts of a 1925 multiple murder stalk Doc Ford in a new novel in the series. Setting: Key Largo to Tallahassee.

First chapter, first paragraph:

On the telephone, Tomlinson said to Ford, "When the deputy's wife and kids disappeared, moonshiners might have dumped their bodies in the lake - it was during Prohibition. It wouldn't be the first time karma has waited decades to book justice in the ass." 

"Tootsie Barlow told you that story? " Ford a marine biologist was referring to a famous fishing guide who ranked with Jimmie Albright, Jack Brothers, Ted Williams, and a few others that ranked as fly-casting pioneers in the Florida Keys. 

from the Author's Note:
This novel is based on events that occurred in Florida and the Bahamas during Prohibition, as reported (often vaguely) by newspapers at the time. 

Based on the book description and the excerpts, is this a book that would capture your interest?
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Kym said...

Not sure this one would be for me, but I like the premise of a mystery based on real events from history.

Here's my teaser/intro this week: http://bit.ly/2pgTRDQ

Literary Feline said...

Just the mention of the crime being set around prohibition is enough to interest me. I would keep reading. Thanks for sharing!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This one is on my list, I like the author. The intro makes me want to read more.

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