May 30, 2017

2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

The 2017 Big Book Summer Challenge is held by Sue Jackson at Book By Book. Click here to read the rules and join up. I have a book in mind that is over 400 pages long - 
Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato, March 7, 2017, St. Martin's Press is my choice for this challenge. It's 526 pages long. 
"...a stunning examination of family love and betrayal. Eight-year-old Edgar Fini remembers nothing of the accident people still whisper about. He only knows that his father is gone, his mother has a limp, and his grandmother believes in ghosts ."

The challenge runs through Labor Day, so I will begin reading very soon! It's open to everyone, even those who don't have a blog but are goodreads members. 


Sue Jackson said...

Welcome to the Big Book Summer Challenge, Harvee! I'm so glad you decided to join the fun - and glad I stumbled onto your blog again. I followed you years ago (different blog maybe?) but lost touch somehow.

You chose a GREAT book to kick off the challenge - I just read Edgar & Lucy last month and met the author at Booktopia. The book was excellent. Here's my review (no spoilers) - I really loved it and so did my mom:

Enjoy the book...and the challenge!


Oh, and just to clarify - you can even join the challenge if you don't have a blog AND aren't on Goodreads - just by leaving a comment on the challenge page :)

2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

Vedika @ Poems and Poets said...

Good luck with your Challenge Harvee- I love how free and nonrestrictive this challenge is, that's why I keep signing up every year!

Sue Jackson said...

And I'm so glad you do!

Unknown said...

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