May 8, 2017

First Chapter: An Honest House by Cynthia Reyes

An Honest House: A Memoir Continued by Cynthia Reyes, May 10, 2016 publication.
This is the continuation of A Good Home: A Memoir published in 2013. See the guest review by Philip Young.  

Book description 
"Picking up from the early days of her recovery from a car accident, as told in her first book, "A Good Home," Reyes shares intensely lyrical stories of life with her husband in her historic farmhouse north of Toronto. 
You will be challenged as the author immerses you in the reality of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and the courage it takes to live with chronic pain. And you will say a wrenching farewell to the farmhouse as she opens a new chapter in a life ...." (publisher)

First chapter:
"Ambercroft Farm", the sign out front said. Hamlin was on a first-name basis with the grand old farmhouse, right from the start, calling it Ambercroft. For years, I didn't call it anything at all.The tall, two-storey Victorian house on the northern edge of Toronto seemed sealed off from the rest of the neighborhood. Within a solid wooden fence and gates, massive maples waved big leafy arms. Pines and dense blue-green spruces soared. A cedar hedge ran the length of the property on one side. This was a private place, sure of its personality and power. 

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Author: Cynthia Reyes

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Suko said...

Harvee, thank you for featuring this book. It sounds touching, profound, and lovely.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Sounds like a nice story - hope you like it. said...

Thank you, Harvee, for featuring my book on your splendid book site. I am honoured. Thanks also to Diane and Suko for their comments.

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