Aug 14, 2017

It's Monday: Here's What I'm Reading

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The Resurrector, author Layton Green
Published June 29, 2017
Genre: thriller, fantasy
A Dominic Gray novel, #6
A modern day Dr. Frankenstein, a secret society spawned by the greatest evil the world has ever known, two men racing against the clock to stop the spread of a horrific virus. 

Written in Blood, ARC, author Layton Green
Publication: November 7, 2017, Seventh Street Books
Genre: police procedural, crime fiction
Detective Joe -Preach- Everson, a prison chaplain turned police officer, tracks a literate killer of a bookstore owner in North Carolina. 
A tale of two kitties by Sofie Kelly
Publication: September 5, 2017, Berkley
Genre: cozy mystery in a series
Two magical cats have powers of detection that prove indispensable to librarian Kathleen Paulson…

I am still reading Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz, 
                            Skeleton God by Eliot Pattison
                            Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
and a borrow from NetGalley, 
                            Walking With Peetey: The Dog Who Saved My Life by Eric O'Grey

What are you reading this week?


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

These all look very tempting...I love thrillers, crime fiction, and a good cozy to calm me down after the other kinds of books. Thanks for sharing.


Mary (Bookfan) said...

A Tale of Two Kitties looks fun!

bermudaonion said...

I hope they're all great!

Suko said...

A Tale of Two Kitties looks adorable. I hope you enjoy this cozy mystery, and the rest of your reading this week.

Brian Joseph said...

The Resurrector along with the entire Dominic Gray Series looks fun and interesting. The Dominic Gray series seems to neat.

Harvee said...

The series is fascinating, Brian! A mixture of religion, the supernatural, fantasy.

Harvee said...

I love the play on words in the title.

Harvee said...

Eager to read them!

Harvee said...

Magical kitties, what could be more imaginative?

Harvee said...

I like mixing genres too, Laurel-Rain.

Sue Jackson said...

That's quite a variety you have going! I have heard lots of good things about Pachinko and Magpie Murders.

Enjoy all your books this week!


2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

pussreboots said...

A Tale of Two Kitties looks good. Come see what I'm reading.

Harvee said...

They are both long books, but I persist!

Harvee said...

A Tale of Two Cities is one of my favorite books, so I feel like reading a cozy with a spin off title!

Martha Eskuchen said...

The Layton Green books sound good and I love the Two Kitties cover. That one looks like a fun read. Enjoy them all!

Harvee said...

Eager to get to them, Martha.

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