Nov 17, 2017

Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich: Book Beginning

Future Home of the Living God

Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich, November 14, 2017, Harper
Genre: dystopian thriller 

Book beginning:
When I tell you that my white name is Cedar Hawk Songmaker and that I'm an adopted child of Minneapolis liberals,  and that when I went looking for my Ojibwe parents and found that I was born Mary Potts I hid the knowledge, maybe you'll understand. Or not. I'll write this anyway, because ever since last week things have changed. Apparently - I mean, nobody knows - our world is running backward. Or forward. Or maybe sideways, in a way  as yet ungrasped. I am sure somebody will come up with a name for what is happening, but I cannot imagine how everything around us and everything within us can be fixed. What is happening involves the invisible, the quanta of which we are created. Whatever is actually occurring, there is constant breaking news about how it will be handled - speculation, really, concerning what comes next -  which is why I am writing an account. 

Page 56:
My parents are both lawyers....Which is to say, they are shrewd as only market-based -society suspicious trust-fund liberals can be.

I was at first wary of the term "dystopian" to describe this book, as I am not a science fiction or dystopia lover,but the term "thriller" after the word dystopia sealed my interest in this novel. As does the name of the author, Louis Erdrich, whose previous books set among the Native Americans in the West I have really liked.

The narrator, Cedar Hawk Songmaker is, so far in my reading, a very intriguing personality and I am enjoying following her into her future discoveries, and into her dystopian world!

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  1. I like books like this and I hope you continue to enjoy it.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

  2. I have been eyeing this book. I have only read one of Erdrich's books (Shadow Tag), but want to read more. Here's mine: “FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST”

  3. Dystopian is not my scene but I like reading reviews about literature which I do not pick up. Keeps me upto date on what is happening!

  4. Sounds like a great read, and I just so happen to enjoy dystopian. :-) Happy weekend!

  5. I'm a big fan of Louise Erdrich. I just heard about this book earlier this week but will have to wait to read it until after the new year as I have a reading project that is dominating my time until then. But come January 1st, I'll be all over this book. Friday Quotes: Long Way Down

  6. This does sound good. I haven't read this author before. This week I am spotlighting The Human Division by John Scalzi. Happy reading!

  7. I'm the same way about dystopian, only the thriller would've convinced me to pick it up, thanks for sharing.

  8. Looking forward to the thriller aspect, and she is a good writer, so...

  9. Looks very good - agree with you that thriller seems more appealing than dystopian. Enjoy!

    1. It will be interesting to see how those two genres combine.

  10. Erdrich is one of my favorites, so I have really high hopes for this! :)

    Lauren @ Always Me


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