Dec 8, 2017

Book Beginning: The Making of a Dream by Laura Wides-Munoz

The Making of a Dream: How a group of young undocumented immigrants helped change what it means to be American

The Making of a Dream: How a Group of Young Undocumented Immigrants Helped Change What It Means to Be American by Laura Wides-Munoz, January 30, 2018, Harper
Genre: nonfiction

Book beginning:
It would only be a few weeks. 
That's what Hareth Andrade-Ayala's parents told her when they planned he trip to Washington, D.C. Eight-year-old Hareth and her little sister would travel from La Paz, Bolivia, with their grandparents. Their parents would join the girls later. 
Hareth's grandparents had lived with the family as long as she could remember, always game for her bits of theater, jokes, and dances, all the stuff her parents were too tired to sit through. She'd traveled to visit relatives with them before. This would be another of their adventures.
Page 56: 
What was she? She was an undocumented immigrant. She was also a hard-driving honors student whe'd been high school swim team captain and had dreamed of going to college. 
Book description: A journalist chronicles the story of a movement and a nation, witnessed through five young undocumented activists who are transforming society’s attitudes toward one of the most contentious political matters roiling America today: immigration. (publisher)

I'm interested in reading about the experiences of these real life young undocumented immigrants who are succeeding in their lives in the U.S. Quotes are from an uncorrected proof ; the final copy may differ. 
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Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours said...

intriguing! Mine is here:

Harvee said...

Glad to have you visit, France Book Tours! I would love to join your book tours!

sherry fundin said...

Seeing the world through someone else's eyes can be a good thing.
sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

Kathy Martin said...

Sounds intriguing and certainly a topic that is in the News lately. I am featuring A Murder for the Books by Victoria Gilbert. Happy reading!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Definitely intriguing...and timely. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “A SEASON TO LIE”

fredamans said...

I'm intrigued! Happy weekend!

Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

What a disturbing and very current topic of concern. My Friday Quotes for The 57 Bus

Suko said...

Clever cover! This sounds like an important book. America is a country of immigrants, so we can all relate to this.

Mystica said...

I'm intrigued too.

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