Apr 20, 2018

Queen Anne's Lace, a novel by Susan Wittig Albert

Queen Anne's Lace (China Bayles #26)

Queen Anne's Lace: China Bayles #26 by Susan Wittig Albert
Published April 3, 2018; Berkley Books
Genre: mystery
Setting: Pecan Springs, Texas  - tearoom

Setting: The Thyme and Seasons tearoom has long been the pivotal point in many China Bayles mystery novels set in the Texas hill country. An herbalist as well as a caterer too, China plays sleuth in the books and solves crimes in and around her neighborhood, as well as provides readers with recipes for dishes that include everything from jelly, cobbler, soup, quiche, to muffins. 

Plot: Antique lace and old photographs found in a loft puzzle and intrigue China, especially when she hears ghostly humming and the fragrance of lavender along with it. A touch of the magical in this novel lends it charm to add to the handcrafted lace from times gone by. Things get complicated when China tries to solve the mystery of the lace and the story of the lacemaker, Annie Laurie. 

A very attractive cover and an intriguing plot makes this book another in the China Bayles series to add to mystery lovers' bookshelf. 

Thanks to Berkley Books for a review copy of this novel.


  1. I would like to read about handcrafted lace in a cozy. The other day I saw a photo of someone making lace. I have a feeling it's very intricate work.

  2. Sounds like a lovely mystery! I like the cover, too.

  3. I just come across your blog post and read your blog. IT sounds good and I want to read Full story. So I had decided to download eBook copy for me so I can read the novel.


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