Jun 3, 2018

Sunday Reading: Time Is a Killer by Michel Bussi

Time Is a Killer

I read this in French a year ago but saw this English translation at the book store and couldn't resist getting it. I am trying to find all the little details and nuances I may have missed reading in the original language. And I am enjoying the characters and the story all over again!

It's a thriller set in a corner of Corsica, and features a 15-year-old French girl, Clothilde, and her journal that tells of her youthful experiences and observations on the island in 1989.  The book moves forward twenty-seven years, when the adult Clothilde revisits the island with her daughter and husband, recalling the tragic car crash all those years ago that spared her life but took the lives of  her parents and brother in what seemed then like a freak accident on a mountainous, winding road. Clothilde is determined to find out the truth of the past by looking closely at the present.

Time Is a Killer by Michel Bussi, translated from the French,
Published April 10, 2018, Europa Editions
Here is the French edition cover, printed in 2016.
Le temps est assassin (French Edition)
The temps est assassin
I finished and reviewed only one book last week:
Death of an Honest Man by M.C. Beaton, the 33nd in her Hamish Macbeth mystery series set in Scotland. I can recommend this quirky Scots copper in the little highland village of Lochdubh, who solves mysteries but goes without the praise and the promotions that would take him away from his beloved home!

Gardening: We had a productive gardening day yesterday, mowing, weeding, trimming, planting, watering, and generally tidying up after all the spring and early summer rains made a mini jungle out of everything. Maybe more raking today if the rains don't come.

Exercises: Stretching in the mornings and during the day is the new prescription for me, for flexibility and building up strength in my legs and hips. I am working on being able to walk more than three miles at a time without collapsing.

Coffee and tea: I am enjoying an Indian oolong spiced tea and finishing off the Tanzanian coffee we found that we just loved.

Have a great Sunday!

What books are you reading this week?
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Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Stretching has been great for me, too; when I get up in the morning, it wards off the stiffness and pain.

I haven't done gardening in years! I have a small patio with weeds around the edges that think they are trees. LOL. I do have to clip them back.

Enjoy your reading and your week. Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

Mystica said...

The Corsica setting has to be interesting for the book as well as told in two separate time frames would add interest. Thanks for the review.

Katherine P said...

I'd been doing a bit of yoga everyday and it made such a difference. I really need to get back to it. My garden is a thing of sadness this year and I don't think that's going to change unfortunately. Next year I'll have to make up for it. Have a great week and enjoy your books!

Suko said...

I've incorporated some wonderful yoga stretches into my day, which seem to help me ward off back issues (knock on wood). Le Temps est Assassin sounds like an interesting thriller/mystery. Have a great week ahead, Harvee.

Greg said...

Ooh I like that French cover, and Corsica as a setting- interesting! Sounds like a good one!

Mary @ StackingMyBookShelves! said...

I haven't seen this book before. Sounds like it would be a good book. Enjoy. I like the covers for both!

Mary my #Sunday Roundup #21!

Martha Eskuchen said...

Stretching is a great idea. I need to start walking more too.
Hope you enjoy the English translation. Happy Reading!

bermudaonion said...

I'm so impressed you can read a novel in French! Keep up the stretching. Happy reading!

Aj @ Read All The Things! said...

That first book sounds interesting. I need to read more translations, so I should add it to my list. Good luck with the exercising! Have a great week.

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Savvy Verse & Wit said...

Happy reading

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