Oct 25, 2018

Reviews: Three Tana French Novels

The Witch Elm
The Witch Elm
The Witch Elm by Tana French, October 9, 2018, Viking
Genre: psychological thriller
Source: library book

A little different from her Dublin mysteries, The Witch Elm features the upper or upper middle classes, those with privileges in looks and heritage. What happens when looks are taken away, however, and the advantages of birth and privilege no longer seem to count? This seems to be the theme of the new book by Tana French, in addition to a suspenseful mystery plot. A novel that is compelling yet disturbing, all at once.
I also finished:

The Trespasser (Dublin Murder Squad #6)
The Trespasser
The Trespasser by Tana French, October 2016, Hodder and Stoughton
Genre: police procedural, thriller
Source: library book

This is the sixth in the Dublin Murder Squad Series, a book I gave five stars. The main characters Antoinette and Stephen are detectives on the Dublin murder squad and are portrayed as many-faceted and complex characters, which gives the crime novel an added advantage. Antoinette is fairly new on the squad and has had to put up with taunts and pranks from her fellow detectives that were meant to deride and harass her as not only a newbie but as female. Her instincts propel her forward in spite of everything and in the end, change her mind about leaving the force.

Faithful Place (Dublin Murder Squad, #3)
Faithful Place
Faithful Place by Tana French, July 2010, Penguin Viking AdultGenre: police procedural, thriller
Source: library book

Comments: Frank Mackey, a detective, returns to his home, Faithful Place, to try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his girlfriend Rosie Daly twenty-five years before. Had Rosy changed her mind about running away to London with him or had she been prevented from meeting him that fateful night when they were supposed to leave together but never showed up? The last time anyone ever saw her? Suspenseful plot, disarming detective, and plot twists that kept me reading.

I have read Broken Harbor and The Secret Place, both equally good books in the Dublin series, and have two others to read - The Listeners and Into the Woods. 

I must say I'm a fan!

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  1. I haven't read her work yet but have heard The Witch Elm isn't the place to start. It sounds like you enjoyed it, though.


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