Dec 14, 2018

The Gate Keeper by Charles Todd: Book Beginning

The Gate Keeper (Inspector Ian Rutledge #20)

The Gate Keeper by Charles Todd,
Paperback published by William Morrow, November 2018
20th in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series! Going strong.
"Ian Rutledge narrowly misses a motorcar stopped in the middle of a desolate road. Standing beside the vehicle is a woman with blood on her hands and a dead man at her feet.
She swears she didn’t kill Stephen Wentworth."
That's the setting for this latest murder mystery and police procedural, set in Suffolk, England.
Book beginning:
Ian Rutledge drove through the night, his mind only partly on the road unwinding before him. He was north of London, and a little to the east of it as well. But he had no particular destination in mind. 

At this late hour, he should have been asleep in his flat in London. He'd gone there with that in mind, but as soon as he had crossed the threshold it had felt different. Stuffy. Claustrophobic. Almost alien - it was where he lived, but it was not his home, had never really been his home....

Page 56:
"He wanted to come home, but he waited too long. The wonderful, foolish man."

Do these excerpts grab you as a reader or not?
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  1. I'm not familiar with this series. I love the quotes you picked. This week I am spotlighting Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. Happy reading!

  2. You have piqued my interest! Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “VERITY”

  3. You had me at police procedural set in Sussex. I will definitely look into this series. Thank you.

  4. I don't usually read Police Procedurals. This one I really like. I hope you have a good time reading it.

  5. It leaves a lot to the imagination... Happy weekend!


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