Mar 12, 2019

Library Finds: March 2019

My new library books

Our new library has bright indoor lights and windows from floor to ceiling. It's wide, long, and spacious, and there are comfortable sofas and chairs with a living room setting in this corner and that. When I go there to just browse, or so I think, I often come away with not one or two, but three and four books I never intended to borrow. 

But a favorite author's new book grabbed my attention, then another, then a book that I saw on social media being touted by the publisher, then a book suggested by a friend I met in the stacks. Here are three of the books I got.  

The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10)
The Golden Tresses of the Dead is the latest in the Flavia de Luce mystery series

The Sun Is Also a Star

The Sun is Also a Star is a teen romance that will be released as a movie this May. I am enjoying its dissection of love into the scientific and romantic.

I have also borrowed:
The Plotters by Un-Su Kim is described as a crime novel set in an alternate Seoul, Korea. I am not normally a fantasy or sci-fi fan, but we'll see....

Did you find anything you liked at the library recently?


Suko said...

Your library sounds quite nice, like a place I'd like to read in. Your latest library books are color coordinated, in shades of red and orange. I haven't taken out any books lately from my library. Instead, I've donated some books, for their library bookshop. :)

Mystica said...

The library is lovely. The books are all new to me.

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