Jun 21, 2019

Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson: Book Beginning

Fiction: Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson, June 11, 2019, MIRA

Rosie Colored Glasses

Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson is a novel about young Willow, caught between the different worlds of her divorced parents, Rosie and Rex. According to the reviews, this is not a light read, as the description might suggest, but a semi-autobiographical novel about family dysfunction.

Book beginning:

Willow Thorpe knew friction. The heat it created when one thing rubbed against another. When one world rubbed against another.
Willow felt it every time she got into the back seat of her mother's car, buckled her seat belt, grabbed her brother's hand and prepared to return to her father's house. Every time she stared out the window of her mother's car and traced the familiar turns of the street on the way to her father's. Every time her father opened the big heavy front door and mumbled, "Late again, Rosie." Every time her mother casually responded with a smirk and a "Catch you later, Rex." 
 Page 56:

She guided Asher quickly down the aisles by his hand as Willow jogged and stumbled behind them. And then Rosie stopped in front of a giant wall of every color paint in every size bucket. 

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Sassy Brit @ Alternative-Read.com said...

Sounds intriguing, especially when you say it's not a light read, the cover feels like it should be. I bet it's sad, but I hope with a happy ending!

Here's my Friday post.

Enjoy your weekend reading time!

Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

Sounds like a book full of painful memories. My quotes from Behold the Dreamer

Kathy Martin said...

Based on the cover, I would have guessed it was a light read. The excerpt certainly isn't. This week I am featuring Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer. Happy reading!

fredamans said...

I'm curious for more!! Happy weekend!

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