Jun 21, 2020

Sunday Salon: Virtual Romance and Adventure


I see on FB that lots of women readers lighten their chores by listening to audiobooks while they do housework, gardening, cooking, laundry, or even driving. As a result, I've decided to give it a try and get my house spic and span effortlessly, lol. 

Just finished Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely, a light and lively romance set in Miami and NYC. Though I confess I didn't do more than empty the dishwasher and wash some pots and pans while listening.

Lucky Suit (Sexy Suits, #1)

Lucky Suit, January 2019 audiobook, is an enjoyable story about a long-distance romance that is brought about by a grandmother Lulu, who thinks she has found the perfect match for her granddaughter Kristen. 

Lulu plots to get Kristen in touch with her online poker playing friend, Cameron, and goes out of her way to make the meeting happen, though Kristen lives in Miami and Cameron in NYC. A fun book to listen to, well narrated and plotted.   

Next on my audiobook list:

Dumped, Actually

Dumped, Actually by Nick Spalding, July 2019, Audible Audio

Genre: romance 
About: Journalist Ollie asks the subscribers of his website: how did they get over their failed relationships? Chaos ensues when he follows their advice.

Finished reading:
Killing Maine (Pono Hawkins Book 2)

Killing Maine by Mike Bond, December 2019
Genre: suspense, environmental thriller 

Another fast paced book by Mike Bond, this one on the wind industry's deleterious effects on people and the environment - noise pollution and the destruction of birds, bats, and other animals by giant wind turbines. This time it's in Maine. Crooked politicians and officials are paid off by a wind industry corporation to look the other way in return for hefty financial rewards and backing.

Suspenseful thriller with an environmental theme, similar to Bond's other environmental book,
The Last Savannah

Also finished Mike Bond's Tibetan Cross, published October 2014, a thriller involving the CIA helping the Tibetans against the Chinese. Full of action and atmosphere. Set in Tibet and Nepal, of course. 

Tibetan Cross

As you see, I enjoy action and adventure novels. 

What are you reading this week?

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  1. Oddly I can only listen to audiobooks when I am driving or in the car or when I am playing mindless computer games. If I am cooking or doing housework I forget to listen, paying attention to my task I guess. Frightening to think of me driving while listening, though, since I often get wrapped up in the stories and don't realize how far I've gone. Eek! My Sunday Salon

  2. I was a huge audiobook listener when I had an hour-long commute, each way, every work day. Then I dropped off dramatically when I began to work here in my hometown. Now that I'm retired I find that I enjoy listening to audiobooks again. I'm glad you have been enjoying them, too.

  3. I love to have an audiobook on the go, but alas no housework gets done! Mostly when I walk though. I find a good narrator really makes the book shine.

  4. Dumped, Actually looks like fun!

  5. There isn't really a link between housework and audiobooks for me!

  6. I can't seem to manage audiobooks...but driving in a car might work.

    Your books look good. Enjoy! Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  7. I listen to a lot of audiobooks while I'm playing computer games and sitting on my couch. They haven't inspired me to clean! Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  8. Just last week I read a book that mentioned windmills. The information seemed really complicated. Adding what you have written about windmills seems very earthy and simple. I am glad you are liking the audios. I can't stay still and listen to audios. I go to sleep.

  9. I guess those turbines are huge. That's why so much wind is blown or whatever and affects our weather conditions.

  10. Dumped, Actually sounds like a funny title. Hope the book follows the same. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

  11. I enjoyed reading Balli Kaur Jaswal's other book and I would definitely grab a copy of this one too. I rarely listen to audiobooks and I can't seem to focus on anything else if I were listenign to them. My loss truly!


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