Jun 10, 2022

The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian: Book Beginning


The Lioness

Published May 10th 2022 by Doubleday Books

About the book: A luxurious African safari turns deadly for a Hollywood starlet and her entourage in this historical thriller set in Tanganyika, now Tanzania.

Book beginning/First paragraph:

Katie Barslow

She was watching the giraffes at the watering hole after breakfast, no longer as awed by their presence as she had been even four days ago, when she'd had first seen a great herd of them eating leaves from a copse of tall umbrella acacia, their heads occasionally bobbing up to stare back, unfazed and not especially alarmed by the humans. 

Page 56: 

"No," she told him, feeling more like his mother than his wife. "You're right to be scared. We should be. But..."


Click on the title, The Lioness, to see my Goodreads review.  

 Would you read on?

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  1. Wow, another one from Bohjalian! I love the excerpts and the hint of what is to come. Here's mine: “IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS”

  2. I enjoyed this one - not my favorite but very good.

    1. I'm in the middle of it and wondering who will survive and who will not.

  3. Sounds interesting!

    Have a great weekend!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  4. I'd read on...but mostly because it revolves around a luxurious African safari! :)

  5. I love that this is set in Tanzania! Happy reading!

  6. The beginning sounds idyllic, but of course all good things come to an end.

  7. I have this on my GR list. Happy weekend!

  8. it sounds fascinating. I love the setting!

  9. Ooo, interesting start. Also like the location setting for the story. Happy reading

  10. The setting itself is enough to entice me. Will have to check this out.

  11. Yeah I'm on the library wait list for this novel ... the African safari aspect of it seems good to me. Have you started this one?


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