Mar 31, 2023

Book Beginning: Radical Love by Satish Kumar

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Radical Love
by Satish Kumar, February 7, 2023, Parallax Press
Genre: self-help, nonfiction

To see peace in our lifetimes, we have to study love.
This is the radical message of this inspirational book .... Author and activist Satish Kumar is well known for his epic 1960s walk for world peace from India to Moscow, Paris, London, and Washington, DC

Book beginning:
Chapter 1- A Monsoon of Love
Life is a landscape of love, and love is the celebration of life. Love is the means and love is the end. Love is our path and it is our destination. Love is the goal. Love is a way of bveing. Love is a way of life. There is not way to love: love is the way. 

Page 56:

"Have I finished all that water?" Gandhi asked, visibly perturbed. 

Thanks to Wiley Saichek of Saichek Publicity for a feature/review copy of this book. 


  1. Since my word of the year is love, I think this is a book I need to read.

  2. Interesting. Have a great weekend, Harvee 😊

  3. I might pass but the mention of Gandhi in the 56 has me interested. Happy weekend!

  4. I'm currently reading and LOVING My Phony Valentine by Courtney Walsh.
    "If we're going to look like a couple and convince people we're really together, we're probably going to have to kiss.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. My first line comes from a brand new one coming up by KimberleyWoodhouse: 26 Below
    Chapter one
    50 above Zero. October 1–2:00 p.m. Fairbanks
    First official day on the job as Emergency Center director, and Darcie Phillips found herself wanting to play hooky.

  6. what an interesting book. I hope you enjoy it


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