Apr 28, 2024

Sunday Salon: Quick Trip and a Book Review of The Other Passenger by J.E. Rowney

 I’m visiting relatives in Toronto and am also reading The Other Passenger The Other Passenger by J. E. Downey. A new book from NetGalley, publication May 31, 2024. 

May 31, 2024

Description: On the run from their pasts, a man and a woman are forced together by the weather and by necessity. When a radio news broadcast reports that a body has been found further back along the road on which they are travelling, tensions rise and it’s only so long before the truth must come out. But the truth is never quite what you imagine.''

My review: 
Emma and David are both running away from something and land up in the same car during a terrific storm on a dark night in a remote area of England. David we know from the outset is upset at being passed over for an award at work that he was sure he was going to get; Emma is trying to find her sister Angeline.

The descriptions of the car ride into the stormy night and of the two strangers in the same car going somewhere, but not knowing exactly where, carries the story. The plot is not complicated but the background stories and the interaction between the two strangers, forty-year- old David and the 21-year-old Emma, also carry the story.

The ending of this psychological thriller came as a surprise. It was well worth reading for the writing as well as for the plot.

Hope you are all enjoying spring or whichever weather zone you are in. I’m loving the good food here that I can’t get back home, namely dim sum with all the varieties, Jamaican patties, and sticky rice with roast pork and mushrooms. 

And of course seeing relatives again. 

What are you reading/watching this week? 

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  1. It sounds like you are eating well! I hope you are taking photos and will share those with us when you return.

    I'm also interested in hearing more about the book you are reading.

  2. I received The Other Passenger from NetGalley, but haven't started it yet. I'm almost finished with The Cure for Women from NG and have absolutely loved the history of women in medicine, their fight for admission to medical schools, and their efforts to improve education for women.

  3. I hope you enjoy Toronto! Have a great week.

  4. Dim Sum....our local closed. I really want to go now that you've mentioned it. Been ages!

  5. I love the look of The Other Passenger! Enjoy your trip - especially the dim sum. Yum!

  6. I'm reading One Last Shot by Susan May Warren. Hope you have a great week! :D

  7. Drooling over Jamaican patties, and sticky rice with roast pork and mushrooms.

  8. We are spoiled here in Toronto for the amount of great restaurants we have.


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