Apr 6, 2024

TV Drama, Thriller, Rom Com: Sunday Salon

 Watching TV

I've found a few good Korean, Chinese, and Japanese tv dramas dubbed in English or with English captioning, such as Midnight Diner, set in a district of Tokyo and based on the manga by Yarō Abe titled Shin'ya Shokudō. 

Queen of Tears promotional poster (Wikipedia)

The Korean drama I'm watching is Queen of Tears, and am waiting for the 9th episode airing tomorrow. There are 16 episodes in all, so I'll have to wait week by week to see them all. 

The story:  a haughty department store owner marries a lawyer from a poor farming family who courts her thinking she is sweet but poor girl. After she commits a terrible betrayal in their marriage, the two become estranged for over several years, though he continues working for their wealthy family in Seoul. The couple faces multiple crises but may find their way back together. Just how and if they will make it is the theme right now as the husband has come to despise his controlling wife, keeping divorce papers on hand.

Why do I watch K dramas?  The romance plots and family dynamics are complex, and so are the interesting and often humorous side characters populating the many episodes, more than any one book can hold!  The cinematography is usually very good. 

Currently reading

House of Glass by Sarah Pekkanen, August 6, 2024 by St. Martin's Press, NG

Genre: thriller, domestic drama, child advocate

What I've read so far: Nine-year-old Rose stopped speaking after seeing her nanny Tina fall to her death from an upstairs window. A lawyer and child advocate is sent to determine which of the parents Rose should live with after their upcoming divorce. This is the setting of the thriller. 

The advocate, Stella, is determined to find out if the pregnant nanny's death was an accident or a murder and by whom. Everyone in the house seems to be lying, making it harder for the lawyer to make any decisions about the child's final custody.

Flashbacks to Stella's own childhood trauma, hearing her mother's murder, haunts this story as Stella decides to also find out the truth about her own mother. 

Rom Com in the Mail

Thanks to Avon Books for One Last Word by Suzanne Park, April 16, 2024

Many rom coms are hit or miss but this plot looks entertaining.

Description: an aspiring tech entrepreneur develops an app, which sends messages to loved ones after you pass. She accidentally sends her final words to all the important people in her life—including the venture capital mentor she’s crushing on.

What are you reading/watching this week? 

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  1. I've just started 'The Red Eagles' by David Downing. Next up will be 'Red Summer - The Summer of 1919 and the Awakening of Black America' by Cameron McWhirter. Presently I'm watching Season 5 of the original Dr Who (in black & white!) from September 1967 on BBC iPlayer.

  2. Have fun!
    I don't watch TV, but I see Yarō Abe's manga are available in French (not in English it seems), so I'm going to look for them

  3. Ooo Midnight Diner sounds like my cup of tea! Thanks for telling us about it.

  4. House of Glass sounds really good, I hope you enjoy it😁

  5. I love Midnight Diner and have watched a few different dramas. It has been a while though

  6. The K dramas sound good and I love the premise of One Last Word. Have a good week!
    Mary @Bookfan

  7. House Of Glass looks very intriguing. Have a wonderful week, Harvee!

  8. My grandson loves Korean dramas, too:)). Have a great week, Harvee.

  9. I discovered Midnight Diner too recently and want to get back to iy.

  10. Queen of Tears sounds angsty and addictive! I also have House of Glass and I'm looking forward to it! Looking forward to your thoughts on One Last Word!

  11. Hope you're enjoying your books. One Last Word looks good.


  12. What a wide variety of books! Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  13. The romcom looks great! Enjoy your reads! And your week!

  14. My sister loves K Dramas...I've never watched any but only because I don't currently have a streaming service. But they do sound fun.

    1. As a retiree, I find watching tv entertaining to while away the time not spent reading books or doing other things, lol.

  15. I don't watch many K Dramas, but I did get hooked on Extraordinary Attorney Woo! Happy reading this week.

  16. Korean movies and television shows are more popular these days than I ever remember them being before. I've watched a few movies via the streaming services and have found them very impressive. I enjoy the informal look at the country, too, instead of having to view it through the lens of a travel show or a documentary of some sort.

  17. I need to try watching K Drama. I think I would like them. Midnight Diner sounds good too. My husband and I are still catching up with Doctor Who and enjoying Shogun. I think we are a couple or so episodes behind. I hope you are enjoying House of Glass. I'm looking forward to Suzanne Park's book and hope you enjoy it when you read it. Have a great week, Harvee!

  18. I am fascinated with the idea of being able to send messages to loved ones after you pass. It's an interesting premise for a story to imagine what might happen if these were accidentally sent before you pass, I think.

    Thanks so much for sharing a little about House of Glass with us, too.

  19. I really should try K-Drama. I have House of Glass coming up on my reading list. I'm really looking forward to it! I hope you're having a great week!


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