Jan 17, 2009

Book Review: The Anteater of Death by Betty Web

The Anteater of Death
The anteater is not really a pet, only to a zookeeper who would rather feed and take care of zoo animals than do anything else. In The Anteater of Death by Betty Web, the mystery surrounds a dead man found in the bushes in a giant anteater's exhibit in a small private California zoo.

Having established that the man was shot and had died before he was pawed at by the anteater's four inch claws, the zookeeper must now try to find out why and who killed the man, a member of a prominent family with properties that include the private zoo.

Our heroine is unconventional, shuns the lifestyle of her wealthy mother, loves being a zookeeper, and lives on the harbor in a 30-foot diesel boat she inherited from her father.

The author did her research at the Phoenix Zoo, where there really is a giant anteater that loves to eat mashed bananas.

Did I say that anteaters aren't used as pets? Well, holy Moses, they are!
Just visit this website on Pua the Anteater, somebody's pet, a blog with pictures of a Tamandua anteater walking on a leash, dressed in a shirt, standing on the sofa, and so on.

Taqmandua Girl

Tamanduas are medium sized anteaters, distinct from the pigmi variety or the giant anteater featured in The Anteater of Death. All anteaters are rare, I understand, but only the giant anteater is endangered. Otherwise, no one would be allowed to have one on a leash!

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