Jan 15, 2009

Book Review: Lulu in Marrakech by Diane Johnson

Lulu in Marrakech
Lulu in Marrakech by Diane Johnson, 2008, is an enjoyable armchair travel to Morocco, shrouded in mystery and secret agents. Lulu is sent to Marrakech, ostensibly to visit her lover Ian who is a businessman and investor there, but in reality to spy on Ian's guests, friends, and the Moroccan scene in general.

Love gets in the way of Lulu's resolve, but she follows through with her tasks on finding and reporting information, and comes away with regrets, questions, and the realization that her life, now compromised, would only be more of the same, whether in North Africa or in London, her next assignment.

The novel's subplots surround the contrast between Western and Middle Eastern women, women in purdah, and women of both cultures who attempt to find independence in their lives.

The author was a finalist twice for the Pulitzer Prize and a finalist three times for the National Book Award, for her previous books which include Le Divorce, Le Mariage, and L'Affaire.

I'm hooked. I have to get and read those books.

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