Nov 5, 2009

Book Review: The Art of Meaningful Living by Christopher F. Brown

The Art of Meaningful Living by Christopher F. Brown

I find something new to think about each time I open this book...

"Happiness is not a destination; it is an experience you will have on the way there." (p. 21)

"You experience the learning curve each time you try something new. It's a process, like change, of varied duration." (p. 48)

"Significant discrepancy between what is meaningful to you and how you spend your time is a warning sign of quiet desperation."(p. 67)
The self-help book of 113 pages is divided into four sections: Wisdom, Action, Relisience, and The Art of Meaningful Lives, with advice and psychological insight into making lives happier and more fulfilled.

From the publisher's description:
Too often our meaningful lives and the things we are passionate about get buried under disappointments and lost dreams. Christopher F. Brown, LCSW, MBA, offers a powerful book combining psychological concepts with beautiful provocative artwork by John Palmer...."

Brown says, "With The Art of Meaningful Living, I provide tools that will help readers learn to manage their minds, cope with the world around them, define what is valuable to them and hopefully move toward the lives they truly want. Remember that change is a journey, not a single event.”

Wish I could also show the colorful artwork that is on every page of this beautiful coffeetable book.

Review copy provided by publicists Phenix & Phenix.

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  1. This sounds wonderful and very inspiring!

  2. Love the quotes you picked out. Sounds like a great book!

  3. I like the quotes that you shared with us!

  4. Oh Harvee you naughty girl, you! Now I must have this on my next week's Friday Find! LOL I love it. It reminds me of 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron, only hopefully, this is even better!

    Here is my Friday Find.

    Happy Friday! Yay!!!


  5. This sounds like a great book to have for daily inspiration.

  6. Glad you liked the quotes, everyone!
    Hodge: Thanks for putting it on facebook.

  7. Sassy Brit: I have to look up "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron! Thanks for pointing it out.

  8. If it's a coffeetable book, it is a big one. I haven't looked at any of those books in a while. The illustrations always lead to further reading in the book.


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