Nov 4, 2009

Book Review: Breathing Water: A Bangkok Thriller

Breathing Water: A Bangkok Thriller Breathing Water: A Bangkok Thriller by Timothy Hallinan

"Behind every great fortune is a great crime..." is the premise for Timothy Hallinan's latest thriller, Breathing Water.

The book is set in the Bangkok of today and has all the complications of its real life - a shaky political situation, great poverty and great wealth, street children and those who prey on them, corruption, and the pull of love and death. This all makes for a great setting for a thriller, plus an engaging plot that pulls all the complexities of the city together.

From the publisher's description:

For American ex-pat writer Poke Rafferty, a late night poker game delivers an unexpected prize: an "opportunity to write the biography of Khun Pan, a flamboyant, vulgar, self-made billionaire with a criminal past and far-reaching political ambitions. The win seems like a stroke of luck, but as with so many things in vibrant, seductive, contradictory Bangkok - a city of innocence and evil, power and poverty - the allure of appearances masks something much darker.

Within a few hours of folding his cards, Rafferty, his wife, Rose, beloved adopted daughter, Miaow, and best friend, Arthit, an honest Bangkok cop, have become pawns in a political struggle among some of Thailand's richest, most powerful, and most ruthless people.

A great book for mystery/thriller readers.

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Greg Zimmerman said...

The idea of a thriller set in Bangkok is very intriguing - this is definitely a book I wouldn't have normally picked up, but I just added it to my amazon wishlist. I'm following your blog now, too.


Harvee said...

Greg: Welcome. I look forward to your comments on the book.

Sharon said...

This sounds like an interesting book and would is a great find for my Read Around the World Challenge. Thanks!

You have an award and an apology here:

Harvee said...

Sharon: Thanks for visiting! No need to apologize that you are just now seeing an award I gave you some time ago! And thanks for passing back the award to me! Cool! Hope you come back more often.

Sassy Brit @ said...

I'm interested in this one too. It sounds good and I don't think I have read anything like this one before. It's on my wishlist/Friday Find at GoodReads. Just asked if you would add me as a friend over there. :)

Tea said...


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