Nov 26, 2009

Book Review: Pistonhead by Thomas A. Hauck


Charlie Sinclair works in the days on an assembly line. His life is not going well and he persists in wanting to be famous as a rock guitarist.  He plays at night with a band called Pistonhead. This novel follows Charlie for one week and tells the way in which he finds success.

From the publisher's description: "Charlie Sinclair plays guitar in a rock band and works on an assembly line. His best friend is a drug addict. The girl he wants is unattainable. His apartment is filled with mice. People in the audience throw bottles at him. His mother has a creepy new boyfriend. The kids from his old neighborhood hate him. The band's manager is clueless.

This is the story of one week in Charlie Sinclair's life. One week that changed him forever.

Charlie finds success. But in a way that he does not expect. he never gives up. He is a Pistonhead."

Author Thomas A. Hauck was a rock musician and songwriter for 15 years before leaving the entertainment world in the 1990s. He earned an MBA in 2004 and founded the Thomas Hauck Communications Services in 2006. He is now a freelance writer and editor of Renaissance Magazine.

Pistonhead was published February 2009 by, Inc.


  1. Good choice... you don't have to know anything, or care about, rock music to love this book. It's all about how we (and Charlie) define success, and a big part of Pistonhead takes place in the factory where Charlie works every day. Recommended for young adults who are ready for a short (and very funny) sex scene. A terrific coming-of-age novel and a reflection of the USA as we enter the twenty-first century.

  2. I immediately grabbed the chance to read this book when offered. It's not often that I encounter books about music and musicians. This was a good read. :)

    Here is my review of the book.


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