Nov 27, 2009

Antiques Mysteries

Killer Keepsakes (A Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery, Book #4) by Jane K. Cleland

Antiques mysteries are among my favorites. Just found Killer Keepsakes by Jane K. Cleland, who also wrote Antiques To Die for, Deadly Appraisal, and Consigned to Death. The titles sound dreadful, but they are cozy mysteries and not full of violence or gore.
The Ming and I by Tamar Myers

The Ming and I has a similar theme on its front cover and is also an antiques mystery. I remember this book as being very funny. In fact, the entire series is humorous. Myers also writes a more serious cozy, the Magdalena Yoder Pennsylvania Dutch mysteries.

Part of Thankfully Reading Weekend reading.


  1. hmmm. look like fun. i will be watching for your reviews.

  2. Oh boy! I love antiques mysteries too. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. The Ming and I has an awesome cover!!! These sound like fun!

  4. Those who like antiques mysteries should check out the Lyn Hamilton series.

    Hamilton's books feature Lara McClintoch who is an archeologist. Each book is set in a different location and the locations are well researched and this comes across on every page.

    Lyn Hamilton brings history to life in each installment of her series and she ties each plot to the setting and the cultural background.

    Cheers, Jill

  5. These sound really good!!! Thanks for posting about them.

  6. These sound really good; thanks for the post.


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