Feb 14, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Change in Plans

The Sunday Salon.com Welcome to the Sunday Salon! Two reasons to celebrate today: Valentine's Day and the start of the Lunar New Year of the Whie Tiger.

I had planned to have eye surgery last  Thursday and borrowed  about 4 audio books to listen to while recovering. Change of plans! My eye doc had to be sent to the hospital and will be fine, but postponed my surgery for a month!

Nevertheless, I started the audio book, Mrs Pollifax and the Lion Killer, am almost through with Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, which I highly recommend as a very interesting and entertaining story of life in the circus during the Depression era, told by two men representing the main character as a 90 year old man and as a young man.

The other audio books I got are R is for Richochet by Sue Grafton, and A Fine Place for Death, a mystery by British writer, Ann Granger.

I also went to the library and picked up another book by Christopher G. Moore, The Risk of Infidelity Index. Moore writes detective fiction set in Bangkok. I'm enjoying this one too. Also had fun doing a 100-Word Writing Challenge hosted by Verbal Verbosity, which happens every week.

Can't believe I also squeezed in 3 reviews and an almost-review- one crime fiction, two general fiction, and one non-fiction:  Paying Back Jack by Christopher G. Moore; Thirsty: A Novel by Kristin Bair O'Keefe, I Ching: A New Interpretation for Modern Times, and The Pig and I by Rachel Toor.

Overall, I did more on the blog that I had planned! How about you?


  1. Good luck with your surgery next month!

    Since I'm going back to work soon after my surgery, I need to stack up on audio books to read on the way to and from work.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I loved Water For Elephants. I thought it was fantastic. Sorry to hear your eye surgery didn't happen.

  3. Looks like you were on fire this week! Loved Water for Elephants! And The Risk of Infidelity Index sounds interesting! I like fiction set in places foreign to me. Bangkok sounds like a interesting place for a detective! I guess I'll be writing quite a few books down from your post this week!

    Have a great week! And good luck with your surgery!

  4. What a great reading week you had! Water for Elephants has been recommended to me a lot. I must try and pick up a copy as it sounds really good. Can't wait for your review on it.

  5. Can't wait to read your thoughts on Water For Elephants; i liked that book a lot.

  6. You had a great reading week!!! I loved Water for Elephant. I wish you luck on your surgery next month!

  7. I loved Water for Elephants as well! It was my top read last year! Good luck with your surgery, sorry it couldn't be over sooner!


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