Jun 5, 2010

Guest Author: Marshall Chamberlain, adventure-thriller writer

Thanks, Marshall Chamberlain, for telling us about your adventure/thriller,
The Mountain Place of Knowledge The Mountain Place of Knowledge.

Chamberlain:  "I thank the host for inviting me to write this guest-post as part of introducing The Mountain Place of Knowledge, Book I in my Ancestor Series of adventure-thrillers."
"Although I’ve labeled the books in the Ancestor Series adventure-thrillers, they would fit well in one or more of the other thriller sub-genres: action, suspense or mystery. BOOK I, The Mountain Place of Knowledge, centers on discovery of a mysterious place of knowledge created by “The Ancestors” 180,000 years ago and located inside a mountaintop in Belize. The plot focuses on two feisty scientists, unable or unwilling to acknowledge they care for each other, who are recruited to investigate the mysterious death of a UN administrator vacationing in Belize.... The unfolding adventure turns perilous with the discovery of an ancient Mayan codex, describing the secret entrance to a mountain and unfathomable wonders inside."
"Some readers have asked me...why I choose Belize as the setting for Book I, The Mountain Place of Knowledge....the beginning of the first draft of Book I was originally about Myakka, a young girl on her path to becoming a powerful sorceress. I got the name from a river in Southwest Florida. The name sounded Mayan, so I set the first book in Belize because 600 years ago the area supported several powerful city-states."
"The STORIES IN THE ANCESTOR SERIES contain scatterings of plausible technological gadgetry, are sprinkled with eastern metaphysical philosophy, and run for readers like raging rivers. Themes of the existence of mythical ancient races, adventure in strange inhospitable environments, discovery of arcane ancient technology and instruments of immense power, encounter with various forms of evil and heedless slaughter, and attraction and growth of a young man and woman sharing experiences of hazardous sojourns are ageless attractions for avid thriller readers."
        Tell us a little about yourself:
"Way before taking up the pen, I received graduate degrees from Michigan State University and The American Graduate School of International Management, served as an officer in the USMC, and spent many years in investment banking and finance. Today I live and write on Estero Island, better known as Fort Myers Beach, in an apartment near the water I refer to as 'The Writing Rock.'”        
Chamberlain's Book Tour through Pump Up Your Book Promotions will be posted tomorrow, June 6!  
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Thanks for visiting, Marshall. The series sound fascinating for lovers of adventure!
You can reach Marshall Chamberlain at author@gracepublishing.org  and at the links, The Mountain Place of Knowledge and Sample Chapters.

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