Aug 13, 2010

More Friday Finds: From the Bookstore

I only went  to the bookstore today to get a cup of coffee and to sit in the airconditioning after giving books away to my local library....but then I came home with two books. Luckily my membership to B & N runs through September, so I get...Discount!!

For my granddaughter, a reprint of a book my sons used as toddlers to learn their ABCs:

Gyo Fujikawa's A to Z Picture Book

and one for me,


                                    Ghostwalk, an historical mystery set in Cambridge, England, by Rebecca Stott (2007).

While giving away some books to the library, I had to borrow one as well, of course:

The Lotus Eaters: A Novel
The Lotus Eaters: A Novel set in Vietnam, by Tatjana Soli (2010). Loved the cover and colors and I enjoy a good story.  Think I'll stay home for a while, though, just to avoid bringing back more books :)

So, what did you find or bring home today, by way of books?


  1. A librarian did a piece on NPR last week about her top "under the radar" picks and The Lotus Eaters was one of them. I thought it sounded good, so I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Cool! I've really had my eye on Lotus Eaters...enjoy your new books!

  3. Fun finds especially for your granddaughter.

  4. I can NEVER go to a bookshop and walk out empty-handed. It just doesn't happen! My B&N is on automatic renewal, can you believe it? I'd hate to see the statistics on how much I spend each year... :) I'm interested to hear what you think of Ghostwalk. i read it last year and am still up in the air on my thoughts!

  5. Lotus Eaters is in my TBR stack...looks good! enjoy the books you got this week.

  6. Oh you picked up some goodies. Enjoy your books :)

  7. Giving away makes me feel so good and then I feel like it's okay to acquire more. Not sure this is good, but glad I'm not alone ;)


I appreciate your comments and thoughts...

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