Oct 26, 2010

Burmese Lessons by Karen Connelly

Teaser Tuesdays asks you to choose two sentences at random from your current read. Identify the author and title for readers.

Burmese Lessons: A true love story
Burmese Lessons
"I don't want your protection, Maung, I want to keep doing my work. I need to spend more time eating, drinking and breathing Burma." (ch. 23)

Goodreads description of Burmese Lessons: A true love story by Karen Connelly, May 18, 2010: :"Unlike conventional love stories, this one takes the reader into a world as dangerous and heartbreaking as it is enchanting.
When Karen Connelly finds herself in Burma in the late 1990s, she is immersed in a world of students staging mass demonstrations in opposition to Burma’s dictators, revolutionaries fighting an armed insurgency against that same military regime, and refugees living in hellish limbo in Thailand. Connelly first comes to love a wounded, remarkably beautiful country, then a gifted man who has given his life to its struggle for political change. Burmese Lessons is illuminated by the sensual language and flashes of humour that have won her fans around the world."
Publisher: Nan A. Talese, 2010.
Source: Personal copy


jlshall said...

Good teaser! Sounds like a really intriguing book. I've always thought Burma would be a wonderful place to visit - if it weren't for all the political upheaval, of course. It has another name now, doesn't it?

Outi said...

Sounds like a little bit different love story. Refreshing.

Mystica said...

Sounds an enchanting but sad love story. Set in Burma it has to be interesting as well.

Belinda said...

Great teaser choice this week. Wonder whats going on?
The Bookish Snob - Shades of Desire by LM Pruitt

Lori said...

Interesting teaser. I hope that you enjoy your book. Check out my MY Teaser For Tuesday. Happy Reading.

fredamans said...

Good teaser.


Anonymous said...

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Veens said...

Interesting! You read so much variety, I am impressed!

Yvonne said...

I never heard of this one, but you have me interested in it!

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