Mar 12, 2011

The Sunday Salon: March 13

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After spending a harrowing last two days making sure people I know in Japan are safe and sound and out of harm's way, I am breathing a sigh of relief but also feeling sadness for the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Unbelievable, horrific pictures on the news channels. Hope that more rescues come very soon.

Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery)Since last week, I reviewed Beaglemania, a mystery by Linda O. Johnston and posted short reviews of four more mystery novels: Murder in Passy, Death of a Chimney Sweep, the Headhunter's Daughter, and Scones and Bones.  It's been a good mystery reading week.

And the snow's finally melting with no more scheduled for now.... What have you been doing and reading?


Staci said...

The pictures coming out of Japan are horrific...glad to know that your friends are safe!!!

I'm so looking forward to having temps in the 50s this week!! :D

Mason Canyon said...

I'm with you on hoping more rescues are coming soon in Japan. Very sad.

Enjoyed your reviews. The Tea Shop Mystery series is one of my favorites. I have Beaglemania in my TBR stack and looking forward to it. I'm finishing Tyler and not sure what I'll pick up next. Think I'll just close my eyes are reach for a book. LOL. Have a great Sunday.

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Athira said...

I'm really upset by what happened in Japan! I don't have anyone I know there, but my dad has always had a connection with that country - since he has been there so many times. I'm praying for the people out there.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

These are books on my wish list...thanks for the mention.


Dorte H said...

Well, I read one half of a book but put it down, and picked another one that seems to suit me better. So I am in the middle of a fine British police procedural, set in France: Martin Walker, "Bruno, Chief of Police".

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