Apr 10, 2011

Sunday Salon: Welcome Spring!

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The birds and the squirrels are congregating
around the bird feeders, green shoots
are pushing up through the ground,
the grass is getting greener
with the spring rain.

Is spring finally here? At last....
it looks as if I'll have to get out

for some spring gardening.

A cardinal sings its weeder, weeder
song to announce the birdfeeder's full.

Reviewed four books last week:

If a Dog Could Blog, a children's book
Call Me Irresistible, a contemporary romance
Dragon Chica, YA novel
The Shepherd, a thriller

I'm now reading a couple of books for Amazon Vine, plus doing catch up on several ARCs and hardcover books sent for review. Also, I've gone back to using my Kindle and just finished reading an enjoyable four-star Cuban-American mystery, Bloody Twist, set in Miami and South Beach.

Would you believe I'm also planning to re-read Dead Souls (Everyman's Library) by Nikolai Gogol, which I downloaded free on my Kindle. A Russian classic, I remember it as one of the most humorous pieces of literature I'd read. By the way, I have more than 250 works now on Kindle, 95 per cent of them free books. Will I ever get to reading all of them??? I wonder...

Are you having spring weather, and if so, what are you up to?


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I can relate to the feelings of joy in the spring...even though it isn't my FAVORITE season (that's fall), I am tired of winter.

I love the ease of downloading on my Kindle, and went kind of crazy after I first got it at Christmas. I get a little antsy about diving into the books there...but they're not going anywhere, and it's nice that they're waiting.


Dorte H said...

A HUMOROUS Russian classic? No, you must be kidding :D

We have also had a couple of wonderful, sunny days, and I am reading Irish crime fiction - not bad at all.

And I know how tempting these free Kindle books are, but so far I have been fairly good at sticking to books I really believe I will get around to reading.

Trisha said...

Most of the books on my nook are free too, and I just went crazy one day downloading from Project Gutenberg et. al. Now I have more nook books than I will probably ever need!

Unknown said...

We're having wonderful weather here in London - it has been so hot and sunny the past few days, it's more like August.

I just read Room by Emma Donoghue - one of the best books I have read in years.

Happy reading.

Staci said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only Free Book kindle user addict!! So far I've downloaded 50 books and have paid for only 3 to a total of 6.00!!

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Spring is here for me too. Not only do I have birds and squirrels at the feeder but I have had a pair of Mallard Ducks hanging around for the past two days. And no, I don't have a pond... they seem to like to eat spilled seed.

Still no e-reader for me so I can't take advantage of the free books. All my book shelves are filled so maybe it's time to get a kindle or nook.

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