Jul 17, 2011

Sunday Salon: Hot, hot, hot!

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I'm enjoying relatively cooler temperatures right now than back home, which will be 95 degrees tomorrow. I only hope my potted plants and flowers survive the heat onslaught.

Books I reviewed last week include
Killer Move, a psychological thriller by Michael Marshall,
County Line, a mystery by Bill Cameron, and
Overbite, a vampire thriller by Meg Cabot.

I've finished reading a couple of paperback cozies, one of which is Tempest in the Tea Leaves: A Fortune Teller Mystery by Kari Lee Townsend which I hope to review next week, and am planning to finish The Rules of the Tunnel by Ned Zeman for a TLC book tour in early August. I've ordered a copy of Pao by Kerry Young, which I should get in a few days.

My Kindle is filled with goodies which are both free downloads, amazon buys, and ebooks from authors. Am having a hard time pulling myself away from the print books with their gorgeous covers and picking up my Kindle. Anyone else having this problem?

My husband and I are listening to the audio book of The Postcard Killers, a thriller by James Patterson and Liza Marklund. It's pretty good so far!

What have you been reading? Keep cool, wherever you are!


  1. Oh, I can relate to the "hot, hot, hot," but this morning, it looks like it's slightly cooler. Yay!

    And yes, I have a hard time turning to my wonderful books on the Kindle, even though there are several I want to read. The print books are just more appealing...sigh.

    I did read one e-book last week and reviewed it...and have another one planned for this week, called "Heat Wave." Appropriate?


  2. We're having a hideous heat wave right now - I hate it!

    Those sound great - I'm reading a new JD Robb now - good stuff!

  3. How lovely to be in a place that's a bit cooler! We're headed north, here, in a little bit so it will be a nice relief from the sweaty south. Enjoy your cool and your books!

  4. The print books usually grab my attention first because of the space they take up. I have them stacked up all over the coffee table and need to get them out of the way (not to mention the ones that are due at the library).

  5. Tempest in the Tea Leaves sounds interesting.

    No, I can´t say it is the covers that keep me away from my Kindle, but I am determined to read so many paper books off my TBR that I will feel in control after the summer holidays. I have done quite well, but of course I can´t read a lot of Kindle books also :D

  6. It's going to be crazy hot in Michigan this week too!!! Today I stayed in from about 11 am until now! I hate being cooped up in the house! I'm trying to get through my review copies so my Kindle has been lonely for me this week, but I have been busy putting a bunch of goodies on it!! Have a great week and stay cool!


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