Oct 12, 2011

Book Review and Tour: Ding Dong the Diva's Dead by Cat Melodia

Title: Ding Dong the Diva's Dead: A Debbie de Lille Murder Mystery
Author: Cat Melodia
Paperback, 246 pages
Published January 30th 2011 by Camel Press
Rating: 3.5/5 
My comments: I felt that this murder mystery was written more for opera buffs, opera singers, and opera theater production crews rather than for the general mystery reader. My interest  began to flag by page 80 because of the infinite details of costume, casting, and other production and rehearsal problems with the singers, director, producers, etc. that only a theater cast could fully appreciate. The focus was not squarely on developing the murder mystery plot itself, I thought, although some suspense was injected with the appearance of a "ghost" in Debbie's room, and the tales of a Lady in White who haunts the opera house, and of course much later in the book with the unexplained deaths of cast members.

It seems the writer wanted to write about theater production and the conflicts and jealousies among divas and other members of a cast, as well as write a murder mystery. The book is neither all one or the other. With some stiff editing, it could be more successful as a mystery.
About the author: Cat Melodia is the nom de plume of a Seattle-based mezzo soprano and voice teacher. She has a Bachelor’s Degree cum laude in German Literature from Princeton and a Master’s in Music.

A copy of the book was provided for review through Tribune Books Tours.

For other reviews of the novel, visit their Blog Tour web site at http://dingdongdiva.blogspot.com/
For more about Cat Melodia, visit her blog at http://dingdongdiva.camelpress.com/


Tribute Books said...

Harvee, thanks for taking the time to read and review Cat's book and for hosting a stop on the blog tour.


Sheila Deeth said...

A very helpful review.

Staci said...

I wonder if the editor ever really reads some of these books?????

Bellezza said...

I imagine I'd feel much as you did. Love the mystery part, the theater? Not so much.

Paulita said...

My daughter loves opera, so maybe I'll recommend this one to her. It's definitely a narrow niche, isn't it?

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