Oct 31, 2011

Six Cozy Mystery Books

Cozy mystery series, new books out in November 2011:

Dangerous Alterations (A Southern Sewing Circle Mystery) by Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Paperback: 272 pages; Berkley

"When librarian Tori Sinclair's philandering ex turns up dead, the police chief believes Tori may have been involved. Only the girls from the sewing circle will be able to help keep her life from coming apart at the seams..."  (publisher)

Title: To Catch a Leaf: A Flower Shop Mystery by Kate Collins
Paperback, 336 pages; Signet

"Flower shop owner Abby Knight is happily engaged to her longtime beau, Marco Salvare. But when wealthy dowager Virginia Newport is killed and Abby's assistant is the prime suspect, Abby 'll have to save her friend and throw a killer and a thief in jail..." (publisher)

Title: Who Do, Voodoo? (A Mind for Murder Mystery) by Rochelle Staab
Paperback: 304 pages; Berkley
"Clinical psychologist Liz Cooper doesn't believe in ghosts. But when her best friend finds a tarot card tacked to her front door-and is then accused of murder-Liz will have to find a way to embrace the occult if she wants to outwit the real killer..." (publisher)

 Title: Behind the Seams: A Crochet Mystery by Betty Hechtman
Hardcover: 304 pages; Berkley Hardcover
"The crochet group's informal leader, actress CeeCee Collins, has a movie out, and is to appear on the Barbara Olive Overton Show. When CeeCee's niece is accused of poisoning one of the producers, the Tarzana Hookers crochet group must clear her name before someone else dies..." (publisher)

Title: Death on a Platter: Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper by Elaine Viets
Paperback: 304 pages; Signet
"Josie Marcus plans to sample the local St. Louis cuisine for a City Eats food tour. But at Tillie's Off the Hill Italian Restaurant, another customer is poisoned. It's up to Josie to find a killer who has no reservations about preparing a dish to die for..." (publisher)

Title: Mrs. Jeffries and the Mistletoe Mix-Up: A Victorian Mystery by Emily Brightwell
Hardcover: 272 pages; Berkley Hardcover
"Under a bundle of mistletoe, art collector Daniel McCourt lies with his throat slit, a bloody sword next to his body. Inspector Witherspoon is determined to solve the case before Christmas Eve, with the help of the sharp-witted housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, who has her own theories on why McCourt had to die by the sword." (publisher)


  1. I really like cozies when I'm in the right mood. I think they're especially great for traveling.

  2. All of these look great, but I am really intrigued by the flower shop and cooking inspired ones. There seems to be a cozy out there for every hobby, which is great! Happy Halloween!

  3. To Catch a Leaf looks like a fun read!

  4. Hi Harvee,

    I just can't believe how many new authors there are out there, writing in this genre.

    I don't mind reading a 'cozy' occasionally, but I do like to mix my genres, or everything starts to get a bit 'samey'

    I could quite happily pick up any one of your titles and read it, I don't think the cover art would sway it for me, as there are some really innovative things being done in that field, right now and your selection all have great covers.

    I hope you enjoy whichever one you decide to read first.


  5. What a cute and seasonal title - "To Catch a Leaf!"

  6. Great looking cozies and perfect for this upcoming winter season!

  7. I am crazy about cozy mysteries! I enjoyed my visit. New follower!

  8. A new classic has been born. Kathryn Sockett's "The Help" will live in hearts and minds, be taught in schools, be cherished by readers. The three women who form its core, idealistic Skeeter, loving Aibileen, and sarcastic, sassy Minny, narrate their chapters each in a voice that is distinctive as Minny's caramel cake no one else in Jackson, Mississippi, can duplicate.


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