Nov 6, 2011

Sunday Salon: On Reading 1Q84 - an Update

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I've reached Book 3 of Murakami's mammoth 1Q84. I've enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to seeing what happens to the main characters in this final book.

There is a subtle difference in Book 3, which has a different translator. I find I'm not hanging on every single word as I did in Books 1 and 2. Did I really skip over the detailed descriptions of Aomame's three dreams? The translation of this book is good, clear, and I'm following it, but the narration is not in the same vein as Books 1 and 2, I think.

Nevertheless, this is an awesome novel, though some might find it quirky - a seamless mixture of a children's fantasy, sci fi, a crime thriller, a love story, a plot that points out some of the serious problems in society, and a wild mixture of other things. You never know where the book will take you. Read it if you can!

See my full review, here.


Meredith said...

I'm halfway through Book Two; interesting that Book Three changes for you. I wasn't thrilled when I read there were two different translators (for the sake of time, I guess); that can't help but interrupt the flow (which makes me think of Aomame massaging the Leader's muscles where the 'flow' was blocked). Anyway, I'm going to carry on, finish all 1000+ pages on my nook, and then I want to see how I fare at answering discussion questions I found on Random House's site. I'll give you the link if you're interested. I'll be so glad to discuss this with you; there's so much to ponder!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

This book has been receiving a lot of buzz...I might have to take a look.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Mason Canyon said...

I thought about listening to this book, but when I saw there were 30 discs I felt a bit overwhelmed. I may have to rethink my decision now. Enjoyed your review.

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Zibilee said...

I am so excited to start this one when I can! I have been hearing the buzz for a few weeks now. It sounds like it's really great! Enjoy!

Harvee said...

Bellezza: would love the link; will help understand the book - I'm sure it will help.

Laurel, Mason, Zibilee: I recommend reading this book on an eReader as the easiest way to get at it. This way it seems not as long at that thick book or the 30-disc recording.

Staci said...

I want to try this author, but I don't think I'll start with this one. I'm a bit intimidated by the sheer size of the book.

Athira said...

It would annoy me when narrators switch in between chapters/parts of a book. However, I can't wait to read this book! I'm just holding myself away from it until I get the time to devote to this huge book!

Harvee said...

Staci: I recommend After Dark, one of Murakami's shortest novels. It was the first of his that I read and I became hooked!

Aths: Overall, the translation in Book 3 began to fit in very well after I had gotten further into it. It didn't become a major problem.

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