Jan 29, 2012

Sunday Salon: World Book Night April 23; Sign up by Feb. 6

The Sunday Salon.com Welcome to the Sunday Salon.

World Book Night will be held on April 23, 2012 across the U.S., UK and Ireland. Here is it's aim:

WHAT: "WBN has a goal of getting 50,000 people to go out to places in their communities on the evening of Monday, April 23, 2012, and give a book to a stranger or to people you might know but believe aren’t frequent readers.

WHERE: We will ask that you go to a coffee shop or hospital, church or community center, an after-work party or train home, shopping mall or local school -- and give out 20 free paperbacks, books provided by World Book Night.

These paperbacks will be specially-produced, not-for-resale World Book Night U.S. editions, and there will be 30 titles for you to choose from.

A million free books in all!

THE BOOKS: Here is the list of 30 World Book Night U.S. books. Register by Feb. 1 to be a giver, by making three book choices and telling us why you’d like to participate and where you are thinking of going to give out your books.

You will be notified in early February if you have been chosen to be a book giver and which of the three books we are able to provide you with. You will then choose at which local bookstore or library you’d like to pick up your box of books ahead of World Book Night.

And afterwards, we’d love you to share your book giving experience with us, as we get ready for the next year!

Lastly, we intend to promote reading year-round, not just one night, and we especially hope that you can continue to support bookstores and libraries. In these times, they need your support more than ever.

Take the family, friends to bookstore or library this week, and as often as possible."

RECAP: During World Book Night, 50,000 people, named as “book givers,” will each be giving away 20 books from a select list with a goal to have 1,000,000 people across the United States alone celebrating reading en masse. There will be adult books and young adult titles given away.

SIGN UP: People can sign up at http://www.us.worldbooknight.org/about-world-book-night/register-as-a-2012-giver by February 6 to apply to be a “book giver.

You can see the complete list of titles that includes books from authors like Jodi Picoult, Michael Connelly, Stephen King, Barbara Kingsolver and Junot Diaz, among others at: http://www.us.worldbooknight.org/wbn2012-the-books.

You can find WBN on facebook and twitter.


  1. Sounds amazing and that selection of books is just tops. I'm not in the right location so can't participate but hurrah for such an awesome cause!

    1. Kath: What a great idea. I applied to be a book giver and hope I'm chosen. It would be so much fun to give out these new special books to non or light readers in the area!

  2. have fun at world book night. i wish i can participate but alas i have something else that night. can't wait to read all about everyone's experience on the blogs though. thanks for stopping by our blog. :)


  3. This is so cool, and I am hoping that I have the chance to sign up too! Thanks for posting this and getting the word out!

  4. Thanks for sharing this!! I had seen this opportunity, but then lost where the links went, so PHEW! I've had the last week to dream of who I'd give books to IF I could track down the application! Thx!!!

    - My SS: Colorimetry

  5. I'm signed up! I hope I get picked! Thanks for sending the word out to those who didn't know about it.

  6. This is a wonderful event. I've thought about signing up, guess I'd better make my mind up quick. Hope you're selected as a book giver.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. Thanks for passing on the information -- this looks like it could be a really cool event. I'm going to go read more about it.


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