Mar 12, 2012

Book Review: Sonoma Rose by Jennifer Chiaverini

Sonoma Rose: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel by Jennifer Chiaverini
Published by Dutton Adult, February 21, 2012
Genre: historical fiction

The romance of Lars and Rosa as young lovers in southern California during the era of Prohibition unfolds gradually in the course of the book. We discover why Rose marries another man instead of Lars, and what about her husband John makes her escape from him years later with her children to Berkeley and the Sonoma Valley in northern California.

Rosa finds a new life with Lars, away from her abusive husband John. The part her family heirloom quilts play in her determination is a small but important part of what Sonoma Rose is about. Rosa's  story is intertwined with the history of Sonoma Valley and the vineyards that existed during Prohibition, when making and selling alcohol and wine were illegal. This is a well told story; I especially enjoyed the history of California wine growers and the problems they faced, including dealing with Prohibition inspectors before the ban on alcohol was repealed in 1933.

This novel is the 18th in the Elm Creek Quilts Series. Rose first appears in a previous book in the series, and Sonoma Rose continues her story.

JENNIFER CHIAVERINI is the author of the bestselling Elm Creek Quilt series. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, she lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit her website, Elm Creek Quilts Online.

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  1. Her books are always satisfying. Thank you for sharing the new one!

  2. This does sound like an interesting and gentle book that would have a lot in it that would interest me. Perhaps I will think about starting with the first in the series. Thanks for the wonderful review today. I think you really captured the flavor of the book in your review, and it was excellent!

    1. Z:P Not always gentle with the problems Rose has to face - but a good historical novel nevertheless.

  3. Good to read of a book that deals with this aspect of California's history - and in a romantic setting too! Super.

  4. I'm so behind in this series, I really do need to catch up. This one sounds great.

  5. This sounds like an interesting read. I like that it gives a lot of detail on the California wine industry (the nerd in me appreciates that type of info).

  6. I agree, the history contained within this novel was very interesting!

  7. This sounds like a terrific series!:)

  8. I have read all of her books in the series and this one sounds good to me!

  9. I'm a new follower from book blogs, thought I would say hi! Trev @

  10. I love California wine country so I'm sure I'd really appreciate the setting in this book.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thank for being on the tour!


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