Jun 10, 2012

Sunday Salon: A Cherry Festival

The Sunday Salon.com Welcome to the Sunday Salon.

It was in the 90s yesterday, but we went to the Cherry Festival in Whitehouse, Ohio anyway. This is a yearly local event in the Village of Whitehouse.

Two firsts for me, a sundae with real homemade cherry sauce. Tart and sweet! And a cherry pie eating contest with little kids under age 13 scarfing down a pie with their hands behind their backs and their heads into the pie tins. You guessed it; the oldest kid won. There was also a cherry pie auction to see whose pie or cake could raise the most money. One pie went for $110! All to help the village's Chamber of Commerce. We missed the cherry dessert contest and I don't know who won, but I bet some of the entries made it to the auction. All of these very local events were much fun to watch. Too bad we didn't stay for the fireworks at 10 p.m. as it was too hot to stay longer than 2 p.m.!

The Cherry Dessert Contest

I've been good about featuring new books on the blog but very bad about reviewing. I have a blog tour of The Concubine Saga by Lloyd Lofthouse tomorrow and another tour for An Unmarked Grave by Charles Todd later in the month. I also have a review to post for Tim Hallinan's new thriller, The Fear Artist, which will be released early July.

My yoga teacher is also a sports athlete and gave us a stiff yoga workout stretch on Friday. My right leg is still aching but she did tell us we might feel it for a few days. All for the good, I'm sure.

What have you been up to this hot summer?


  1. It's been hot here, too...a few days in the nineties, a couple of triple digit days...and then an occasional 80s day.

    Last Wednesday was hot...and what did I do? Rearranged furniture!

    That dessert looks SOOO yummy!


  2. Yum! Have a wonderful weekend! I will be taking a short blogging break soon but will be back. :)

  3. Hot? Not so much. The weather is crazy changeable here (Bristol, UK) at the moment but this week it's mostly rained. I don't mind that so much when I'm at work or planning to stay home but June weekends...you kinda expect to be getting out and about! So enjoy your sunshine :-)

  4. Your mention of cherry festival brings to mind the murderous Bilberry Festival in "The Killing of Hamlet" by Ann Morven which I have just read.
    You might like to review it. Its Shakespeare links include a credible solution to the who-wrote-Shakespeare debate!! Morven's murders are modern, with a clue 400 years old.
    Regards, Cathy.

  5. Such a delicious way to spend a Sunday :-)

  6. Wow, the cherry dessert looks amazing. So fresh!

  7. I love the tartness of cherries. Yum!!

    It is officially summer here, but with one kid out of school and busy with activities and the other kid still in school... I am a bit of a mess. At least, my body is. Doesn't know whether to relax or run a marathon.

  8. Sometimes I forget your in n Ohio too! If you ever get over this direction, let me know and w can try a blogger meet up :)


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