Jul 20, 2012

Book Review: Charlie: A Love Story by Barbara Lampert

This is a heartfelt memoir about the final years of Charlie the Golden Retriever, written as a journal by psychotherapist Barbara Lampert about her much loved pet.
Charlie: A Love Story
Title: Charlie: A Love Story by Barbara Lampert
Paperback; Langdon Street Press; January 16, 2012
Genre: memoir, journal

Charlie lived a charmed life with owner Barbara Lampert and her other dogs in Malibu, California. However, at age 11, when Charlie became ill, he became the subject of Barbara's journal, his progress intermixed with her daily jottings about her gardening, another passion in the author's life.

The book is a a very personal story of Barbara's coping with an ailing Charlie and the time she spends in her garden at Rose Cottage. The two stories seem to provide balance in her life - a thriving garden that she can keep on replanting and replenishing and a beloved pet that she knows will eventually succumb to illness and old age. Charlie in fact lived a good 14 years. The diary covers 2001 to 2003, his final years.
August 12 2001. Sunday. Our birthday. Charlie's and mine. I love that we 're born on the same day but the surgery is two days from now, so it's hard to celebrate. Today, nearly the whole family... spent some more hours in the garden. Charlie relaxed on a big rug, Barny played ball, David took pictures, I posed with Charlie, and Sabrina watched.
I could empathize with Barbara on the aging and illness of her dog, having also lost an old but well loved pet some years ago. Dog lovers as well as gardeners will be interested in Charlie and Rose Cottage, about the author's sentimental memories and the memories she has of life with her beloved pet.

Barbara Lampert's Bio:
Barbara Lampert is a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in relationships. Barbara notes that for a lot of people, their dogs are their best friends. She loves helping people know that’s ok – that a soul-satisfying relationship may be found with any being and needs to be treasured. Barbara is an avid gardener in Malibu, California with her husband David  and their six-year-old Golden Retriever, Harry. She hopes that Charlie: A Love Story will be a tribute not only to a magnificent dog but to all dogs everywhere.

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  1. Very nice review. The book sounds wonderful.

  2. This does sound like a beautiful book, but one that would probably make me really sad. I have a hard time with animals dying, and might find this one a bit difficult to read. I did love your review today, though!

  3. Harvee, being a dog lover yourself, your review means a lot - thank you!

  4. Harvee,
    Thank you for hosting me on your site!
    My best,

  5. Charlie's story is absolutely heartwarming. I, too, have had that "once-in-a-lifetime" dog that I miss so much. I couldn't put this book down. You must read, especially if you love dogs.


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