Jul 22, 2012

Sunday Salon: Two Good Reads

The Sunday Salon.com Welcome to the Sunday Salon!

The heat all this month has helped my goal of shedding a few pounds. It has been easier to have salads for dinner and to eat light throughout the day. I hope to keep this up even when cold weather comes back!

My current reads include an ARC of a book sent by the publisher, which I am really enjoying!

Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World
Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World is written by Sabina Berman, a writer who lives in Mexico. The novel is narrated by an autistic savant saved from savagery by a intelligent aunt. She calls herself Me and challenges the I think, therefore I amphilosophy of Decartes, saying she first existed before she became a thinking person, having been rescued and pulled into consciousness of herself by her aunt.

The book is due out in August and is translated from the Spanish.

A book sent to me by Gallic Books has been languishing on my desk for a few years but I have dusted it off and am also enjoying reading it.

The Nicolas le Floch Affair
The Nicolas le Floch Affair by Jean-Francois Parot is an historical mystery set in 18th century Paris, translated from the French.

Nicolas le Floch is a commissioner of police in Paris and is featured in the mystery series. In this book, his lover, a socialite, is found murdered, a victim of poisoning. A plot is in place to blame le Floch, who has to clear his name by finding the real murderer. He is also sent on a secret mission by King Louis XV to London. This is the fourth in the Nicholas le Floch Investigations series.
I have committed to six book tours in the next seven weeks! There will be a lot of reading plus sneaking in a few other things To Do before summer is out.

What are your plans for the rest of the month and August?


  1. Me, Who Dove sounds amazing! I think I really need to add this to my tbr list. My plans for the rest of the month is just to read as much as possible. Have a good week.

  2. These both sound very interesting.

    I had a pretty good week but had my first "could not finish" in a very long time.

    Have a great week!!

  3. Wow, these both sound intriguing...I'm also reading an historical fiction book today. I can't wait to get back to it.


  4. The heat has been unbearable (for me!) in Illinois. I've not been able to ride my bicycle as I usually do in the summer, and unlike you, I have not been eating salads...more like ice cream! ;)

    I have Me Who Dove Into The Heart of The World as well, but I haven't yet read it. My review stack is far too high, and it makes me feel guilty.

  5. i'm reading randomly off my shelf and finishing some new releases and review books. in september it's all about italy!

  6. "Frozen Lies" by R. A. Quinn, the first of a fiction series featuring Alaskan Criminal Investor "Jacob Rohn" is now available at Alaska Dreams Publishing, www.alaskadp.com.

  7. Enjoy your reading! I've cut back on the number of book tours I'll participate in this summer.

  8. I also have Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the Sea, and I am hoping that I can make some time for it soon. It sounds like an excellent book! The others look great as well! Enjoy them!

  9. You will be busy and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts!!

  10. Both books sound wonderful.

    I am always trying to shed weight but even with the workout schedule, the gluten free diet (due to allergy) and making all the right choices, I am stuck at the same number and have been for years. It's discouraging.


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