Nov 18, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Bathing Women by Tie Ning

Welcome to the Sunday Salon!

I just love Sunday mornings, browsing blogs by book bloggers (alliteration unintended) who often post on this day.

I found an interesting novel on Literary Hoarders' website - a book about contemporary life in China by Tie Ning.

The book description grabbed my interest:  A new generation of young professionals in contemporary China. The Bathing Women follows the lives of four women—Tiao, a children’s book editor; Fan, her sister, who thinks escaping to America might solve her problems; Fei,a hedonistic and self-destructive young woman; and Youyou, a chef—from childhood during the Cultural Revolution to adulthood in the new market economy. This moving novel charts the journey of these women as they grapple with love, sibling rivalry, and, ultimately, redemption. (publisher)

Browsing along this morning, I found an article that readers might like but which authors won't: Out of Touch: E-Reading Isn't Reading by Andrew Piper in Slate Magazine, listed by Man of La Book.
The blog listed another controversial post on e-booksFair Warning for Those Who Read E-Books, by Confessions of a Mystery Novelist. If you have mixed feelings about ebooks versus paper books, as I do, you will want to read these posts!

I confess though, that I read all 1,000 pages of Murakami's IQ84 on a Kindle and might not have finished the book otherwise. That is one heavy book to carry around!

What do you think about the no longer new e-book controversy? And what new books have you gotten or read or found recently?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation on the book about women in China. I will be adding that to my TBR list.

    As for eReading..I will always prefer paper books. Hands down favorite!

  2. The Bathing Women sounds really engaging...thanks for sharing.

    I'm off to check out those posts....


  3. The "Fair Warnings" post made me grin. She makes some valid points. Personally, I love both paper books and eBooks.

  4. I read both of the posts but will still continue to welcome ebooks into my world!!

    Love the Bathing Women..a current read about women in China sounds fascinating!

  5. That book sounds very good, I've added it to my wishlist too.

    Personally, I read a mix of physical books and ebooks and don't feel the need to give either up. Sometimes I feel like reading a proper book, sometimes I want to lie in bed with my kindle. So I'm on the fence on the whole issue!

  6. I am always happy when I discover a new books to add to my list -- who doesn't need a longer list?

    I haven't had time to visit favorite blogs or post much; forgive me. Hope you are having a good day

  7. I go back and forth between paper and ebooks; it depends on the book and my mood and where I am or going to be.

  8. The Bathing Women sounds really good to me!

  9. I am not much of an e-book reader, even though I am running out of space for printed books!

  10. I will always like reading physical books the most, but do like reading ebooks once in a while.

  11. I much prefer paper books because you can pass them on to others and share them in a way that you just can't do with ebooks. I like real book stores, too. And libraries. I like the weight and feel of a paper book in my hand. I like to browse and flip through them. I like their papery smell. Ebooks are great for traveling but other than that they are sterile and have no character. If ebooks are here to stay, I sure hope they can live side-by-side with paper books because I'd hate to see libraries and bookstores become obsolete.


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