Jun 27, 2013

Cozy Feature: STEAMED TO DEATH by Peg Cochran

Title: Steamed to Death by Peg Cochran
Published June 4, 2013; Berkley
Genre: cozy mystery
Alice let out a tiny shriek and jumped up from the chaise. "Oh, no, we're busted!"
The sounds of footsteps echoed on the wooden back stairs.
"Quick" - Gigi made a sweeping gesture with her arm - "let's hide in the bathroom. At least we won't be visible from the open bedroom door." (ch. 6)
Publisher description: "Gourmet health food caterer Gigi Fitzgerald is used to helping dieters drop a dress size. But when her clients start dropping dead, she’s ready to switch her chef’s hat for a detective’s cap and track down a killer. . .

Soap star Felicity Davenport wants to revamp her image, and she’s using Gigi’s Gourmet De-Lite to help shed unwanted pounds. When Felicity is found murdered in her sauna, things start getting too hot for Gigi. The list of suspects is a mile long, and Gigi’s best friend, Sienna, is at the top. Gigi is determined to hunt down the real killer. But she will have to be careful or she could be the next one burned."

Have you read the first book by Peg Cochran, Allergic to Death? She has such imaginative plots.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book.


  1. I haven't read Allergic to Death but this sounds like a fun series!

  2. I haven't read her first book, or many cozies for that matter. This one does sound good! :)

  3. I've seen this one around and it looks cute.

  4. I think that these murder mysteries with this ironic and funny plots are really a neat idea. The cover looks amusing too. I will mention this one to my wife as I think that she will like it.

  5. love the title!

    Have not heard of this series before, will have to look it up.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day :)



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