Jun 28, 2013

The Ninefold Heaven: a Novel by Mingmei Yip

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Title: The Ninefold Heaven by Mingmei Yip
Published June 25, 2013; Kensington
Genre: historical fiction

Three months ago, I was singing to loud applause in a Shanghai nightclub; a few days later, I became unexpectedly wealthy. But immediately I fled Shanghai in a fusillade of bullets to hide out in a run-down apartment in Hong Kong. 
Page 56: 
I felt a wave of anxiety. Was it coincidence this man asked for my signature song, or had he seen through my disguise?

Publisher's description:
 Mingmei Yip draws readers deeper into the exotic world of 1930s Shanghai first explored in her book, Skeleton Women, and into the lives of three unforgettable women: Camilla, Shadow, and Rainbow Chang.

When Shadow, a gifted, ambitious magician, competed with the beautiful Camilla for the affections of organized crime leader Master Lung, she almost lost everything. Hiding out in Hong Kong, performing in a run-down circus, Shadow has no idea that Camilla, too, is on the run with her lover, Jinying--Lung's son. Now their only hope of freedom lies in joining forces to eliminate the ruthless Big Brother Wang.

Despite the danger, Shadow, Camilla, and Jinying return to Shanghai. Camilla also has her own secret agenda--she has heard a rumor that her son is alive. And in a city teeming with spies and rivals--including the vengeful Rainbow Chang--each battles for a future in a country on the verge of monumental change.

From the opening sentences and the excerpt, what is your impression? See my review of the first book, Skeleton Women/ I'm looking forward to this follow-up.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of this book. 


  1. Nice and I will certainly keep on reading.

  2. This opening captured my attention...sounds like an awesome read!

    Here's my Friday Beginning/56: http://www.bookclublibrarian.com/2013/06/friday-focus-friday-56-and-book_28.html

    1. Catherine: I have difficulty commenting on your blog with Discus, but I do like the choices for these memes.

  3. Just read your review of the previous book. Both books sound intriguing. Thanks for your great review.

  4. Wow, what a great opener. I have to check out this book.

    My post

  5. Yeah, that beginning really pulls you in!

  6. just finished it, for review I have to publish on July 3rd. I liked it, interesting view on the Chinese world of gangs in the 1930s, the topic is not that common! I have not read the previous book, but it did not bother my reading. great for lovers of mysteries and historical novels

  7. I like the sound of this! I think i'll put it on my TBR! you read the coolest book, Harvee :)


  8. I like the sound of it! Wanna get hold of it!

    Here is my post

  9. Sounds fascinating; reminds me of a movie I saw and loved years ago (Shanghai Triad). It's always wonderful to find out of the ordinary historical novels!


  10. I must admit that the beginning feels a little to rushed to me. Too much thrown in too little words. The subject of the book does sound interesting. This time and era is fascinating. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the book when you have finished.

  11. What a gorgeous cover. It sounds interesting.

  12. I'm just finishing up this book and loved it! The history sprinkled inbetween the story is fascinating. I'll enjoy seeing what you thought of the book!


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