Aug 30, 2013

Love Potion Number 10 by Betsy Woodman

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Title: Love Potion Number 10: A Jana Bibi Adventure by Betsy Woodman
Published May 14, 2013; Henry Holt Paperbacks
Genre: adventure set in the Indian Himalayas
"Dear," said Ritu, brightly.
Rambir felt a twinge of apprehension. When Ritu said "dear" like that, it meant she was going to bring up a topic that he wouldn't be comfortable with. (p. 56)
Book beginning:
Jana woke abruptly. Downstairs, in the fortune-telling salon, Mr. Ganguly was screeching something like "Water! Cold! Help!" She had not heard hi put those words together before. She sat up in bed, still groggy, now hearing footsteps on the staircase and, next, a frantic knocking on the bedroom door."Jana mem!" came Mary's voice. "Come now! Come quickly!"
Publisher description: "In the newest Jana Bibi adventure, Jana, Mr. Ganguly, and the gang are back as their small town in India is rocked by an espionage scandal and a homemade remedy that has love on everyone’s mind. The Jolly Grant House still welcomes all its visitors with the sign Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes hanging proudly outside its front door. Jana’s fortune-telling has brought a lot of attention to the small town of Hamara Nagar, and all eyes are on the Scottish-born card-reader Jana and her feisty, loose-beaked parrot, Mr. Ganguly. Some people, though, are not to be trusted, and Mr. Ganguly finds himself the target of a potential kidnapping that puts Jana and her household on edge.

Meanwhile, love is in the air and, thanks to Abenath’s Apothecary, it’s also in a bottle. Abenath has created an intoxicating brew that he calls Love Potion Number 10, which seems to have Jana in a tizzy. While she explores her newest hobby, dream interpretation, her head is swimming with questions: Is a new love possible at age fifty-nine? If so, would she ever marry again? All around her she sees different kinds of love and connection—family, arranged marriages, chemical attractions, even intercontinental romance between people who have only met through letters—so when an old flame arrives and rekindles long-gone feelings, Jana begins to think that that Love Potion Number 10 just might be the magic elixir its inventor thinks it is."

I'm getting ready to read this relatively light adventure after finishing some heavy thrillers! Don't you just love the cover?

(Review copy from the publisher).


  1. This book and series are new to me. I'll have to look for the first book and give it a try.

    Here's my Friday post:

  2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing...and here's MY FRIDAY MEMES POST

  3. I do love the colorful cover! I hope this book is very enjoyable, Harvee!

    (BTW, I received my books--thank you very much!)

  4. Sounds very interesting! Happy weekend!

  5. Uncomfortable topics are so much more interesting then comfortable ones. At least when it comes to literature.

  6. This sounds good and what a great cover! happy reading.

  7. Love potion no. 10? :) Still not going to change the song running in my head .. love potion number niiiiinnneeee hahaha!


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