Jan 8, 2014

Book Tour/Review: Brady Needs a Nightlight by Brian Barlics

Brian Barlics of Northern California is a pediatrician who believes not only in the physical health of children but also in the enrichment of their minds and building of their character. He advocates that reading to your child encourages a strong parent-child bond, promotes literacy, and helps them tap into their seemingly endless imaginations. His book, Brady Needs A Nightlight, is now available.

Title: Brady Needs a Nightlight by Brian Barlics
Published April 11, 2013; Black Rose Writing
Genre: children's book for ages 3 and up
Objective rating: 5/5

My comments: I adore the cheerful and colorful little fireflies who appear at the end of the story to give light and comfort to little Brady, the bat who is afraid of the dark. This is a wonderful children's story with charming illustrations that will delight any child, whether or not they are afraid of the dark.

Book description: "Brady is a loveable little bat who oddly has a terrible fear of the dark. This poses quite a dilemma for a creature that sleeps in a dark cave and comes out to play at night. The story opens with an image of Brady, scared to fall asleep inside of his dark cave. He is forced to watch the other bats hang fast asleep as he imagines himself playing outside in the sunshine. As night falls, the other bats are up and ready to play, but poor Brady is too afraid to step out into the darkness. After building up the courage to go, Brady realizes, with the help of some bright and shining fireflies, that the nighttime isn’t so bad after all. New friendships abound and thanks to his new friends, the fireflies Brady learns to overcome his fear!

This book is the first of a series entitled Fundamentales. The series includes books about facing fears, being yourself, sharing, safety, eating right and staying active, doing chores, responsibility, and much more!" (publisher)

Thanks to TLC Book Tours and the publisher for a review copy of this book. Visit TLC for more reviews of this book.


  1. Those fireflies with their bright yellow lights really got me!

  2. Harvee, this sounds clever and cute. Terrific presentation!

  3. This looks to be great. I know at least one child who has fear of the dark and I will recommend this to his parents. I think that books like this can go a long way to help children master such fears.

  4. This sounds like a great book. The series, Fundamentales, sounds great too.

  5. Thanks for being on the tour!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful feature of my book and for all of your nice comments. Be sure to check out my website at www.brianbarlicsauthor.com. Brady and book two of Fundamentales are available at www.blackrosewriting.com


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