Jan 5, 2014

Dive Into Poetry Reading Challenge 2014

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The Dive Into Poetry Reading Challenge 2014  is being held January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014 by Savvy Verse and Wit.  This will be my first poetry reading challenge.

1. Create a post on your blog stating your intention to read poetry in 2014 and sign up in Mr. Linky. If you don’t have a blog, simply leave a comment about reading poetry in 2014.
2. Visit the Challenge sign up page at Savvy Verse and Wit's blog and choose one of the challenge options.

My challenge: I hope to read at least 4-6 books of poetry during the year and leave my review links on Mr. Linky on the challenge page.

Here is my own tally. I will add books and reviews as I go along:

1. Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson


  1. This is great challenge. I do not read nearly enough poetry and really need to read more. I am hesitant to formally join as I have gotten myself a little overextended with blogging commitments.

    Have fun with this Harvee! I look forward to reading your upcoming poetry related posts!

  2. I must admit that I have neglected my poetry reading. I have some old favorites...but should be discovering new ones.


  3. This would be a great challenge to take up. I Have a new book of poetry by Billy Collins, and generally enjoy poetry, but don't devote hardly any time to reading it. I love Pablo Neruda, what a great poet to put at the top of your list!

    Hmmm, I might have to add this to the list.

  4. I don't really do much poetry reading but it sounds like a great challenge. Have fun with it!

  5. This sounds like a neat challenge, I don't read nearly enough poetry. Hope you enjoy it.

  6. As Brian said above, I really need to read more poetry, yet the idea of a challenge is about as appealing as my stack of arc's: too much for right now. Still, I'll keep it on mind, and shout encouragement to you as you pursue your goal.

  7. Harvee, this sounds like a terrific reading challenge. I need to read/listen to more poetry. I like the idea of enjoying poetry while sipping on a latte.

    Happy New Year! I've been away for the holidays but am back now. :)

  8. So glad you'll be joining the challenge. I hope you remember to add your link to the linky.

  9. I look forward to your poetry reviews! Enjoy!


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