Mar 26, 2016

Book Review: The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman

A library book that I read after recommendations by several bloggers: The Light Between Oceans was published 2013 by Scribner. It 's about a lighthouse couple in Australia who find a baby girl ship wrecked or boat wrecked on their beach and who decide to keep her as their own. 

Big mistake. But the man, Tom, gives in to his wife's importuning as she manipulates him into keeping the baby. She has lost three children, one just recently stillborn, and he cannot find it easy to deny her this child washed up on their shore with no identifying clues except for an expensive silver rattle. 

Even after Tom suspects who the real mother might be, another grieving woman who has lost both husband and child, he is loath to reveal the truth about the little girl that people think is his own. 

Recommendation: I found this novel very thought-provoking, a look at the dynamics of childlessness and some reasons behind child abductions, a not too infrequent occurrence. Conscience, empathy, honor and loyalty all come into play in this story. Well written and developed, it's a novel I heartily recommend.


  1. Harvee, this does sound very thought-provoking. I will keep it in mind.

    Have a wonderful Easter, Harvee!

  2. My wife read this and she really liked it. It does sound very good. The plot and characters seem intriguing and well crafted.

    I may give this a try.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed this novel. I did too. I think there is a movie in the works. Happy Easter Harvee!

  4. This book started out slow for me but quickly picked up steam and I ended up loving it too!


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