Jan 18, 2017

Choosing a Cozy by its First Lines

I have several cozy mysteries and I must choose which to read first. How to do this? By the cover, the title, the author, the series? I often choose by reading the first line. The one that grabs me quickest gets the first read. Here are a few first lines of some cozies. Which would you choose? 
Blown Away: A Kite Shop Mystery #1 by Clover Tate
The first rule about flying kites is that when the wind lifts them skyward, you give them line, not reel them in.

War and Peach: A Georgia Peach Mystery #3
by Susan Furlong
"I do say this election business has folks as divided as the states during Mr. Lincoln's war," one of the Crawford sisters was saying.
Mission Impawsible: Paws and Claws Mystery #4
by Krista Davis
By six o'clock on Thursday afternoon, one Gustav Vogel had failed to check into his room at the Sugar Maple Inn.
No Cats Alowed: A Cat in the Stacks Mystery #7
by Miranda James
"He's out there again, Charlie." Melba Gilley made the announcement as she strode hurriedly into my office at the Athena College Library. "Do you think we should call the campus police?"

A Wee Homicide in the Hotel: ScotShop Mystery #3
by Fran Stewart
Nobody expected to die attending Hamelin's third annual four-day Highland Festival.
Bookman Dead Style: A Dangerous Type Mystery
 by Paige Shelton
"It's my good luck you're here. I saw your shop last year but didn't have time to stop in. You have the best selection of this kind of stuff I've ever seen...." 
Which opening lines appeal to you?  



Carol said...

I think my vote would go to A Wee Homicide in the Hotel, but maybe I just like the "wee homicide."

Suko said...

I think I'd start with the last book. But each cozy sounds promising. :)

Harvee said...

I like the first book, with the kites.

Kay said...

Actually, several sound good. My pick would be the Wee Homicide book, mostly because it talks about Highland Festival. :-)

cynthiasreyes.com said...

Love this post!

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