Jun 25, 2017

Sunday Salon: Weeding and Reading

Slow reading last week as I finished only two short books:

Arf (Bowser and Birdie #2)

Arf (Bowser and Birdie #2)

April 26, 2016, Scholastic Press

When someone breaks into their house under very mysterious circumstances, Bowser is on the alert.

A Separation

A Separation by ublished February  7, 2017.

A psychological study, character-oriented, in a slow moving novel of decision and resolve, and finally indecision. 

A young woman is sent by her mother-in-law to find the woman's husband who has gone to a remote corner of Greece on business. He seems to have disappeared, but the young woman does not inform her mother-in-law that she agrees to find her son in order to ask for a divorce. 

No new books came in the mail, but I have downloaded ebooks and borrowed hardcovers from the library.

Other books:
I am almost finished with Murder in Saint-Germaine by Cara Black, a mystery set in Paris, one of  the best so far in the series, I think.

The weather was so good yesterday, we spent time relaxing in the backyard, weeding, reading, and drinking iced tea and that new coffee I found recently. 

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Brian Joseph said...

We are also having nice weather here on Long Island and I am also enjoying the outdoors.

A Separation sounds interesting. I am beginning to appreciate character studies more and more. Slow moving plots do not bother me. Sometimes I prefer things to move slowly if it means that there is better development of character and themes.

Sue Jackson said...

A Separation sounds intriguing!

Enjoy your books this week - and the nice weather :)


2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

Harvee said...

You would like this one, Brian. I did too.

Harvee said...

Thanks, Sue. Another nice day today!

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