May 3, 2019

The Lonesome Bodybuilder by Yukiko Motoya: Book Beginning

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From the library:
The Lonesome Bodybuilder: Stories
The Lonesome Body Builder

The Lonesome Body Builder by Yukiko Motoya, November 6, 2018, Soft Skull Press
Genre: short stories, in translation

Book beginning:
The Lonesome Bodybuilder (story)
When I got home from the supermarket, my husband was watching a boxing match on TV. 
"I didn't know you watched this kind of thing. I never would have guessed, " I said, putting down the bag of groceries on the living room table. He made a noncommittal noise from the sofa, He seemed to be really engrossed.  
"Who's winning? The big one or the little one?"
Theme of the story: What does it take for an introverted husband to finally take notice of his wife?  She goes on to become a body builder.....

Page 56:
(from the story, An Exotic Marriage)
I felt a lingering guilt about how easy I had it. Owning a home at this age, I felt as if I had somehow managed to cheat at life.

I am finding these to be thought-provoking and very unusual stories. Use of magical realism. 


Kathy Martin said...

I hope you are enjoying the book. I'm not a big fan of short stories. This week I am spotlighting Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer. Happy reading!

fredamans said...

I like short stories so I might like this one. Happy weekend!

Suko said...

Harvee, thank you for posting these snippets. This collection of short fiction sounds very appealing to me.

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